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    Menopause Concern

    I am a 51 year old female who stopped having periods on January 2016. It's been 1-1/2 years so I thought this is it, I'm for sure in menopause but this weekend I started having cramps so I thought it was the heat and I probably ate something. In hindsight now that I think about it, I had a headache before feeling the cramps, my lower back hurt and then last night before I went to bed I went to the restroom and noticed brown discharge in the toilet and on my underwear and I still feel like I did when I was having periods. Is this something I need to get checked out? Or is it the final stages of menopause?


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    RE: Menopause Concern

    Hi With your problems it would be far better to see your own doctor and go through all this with him/her and get checked out. OK

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    Dear Anonymous,
    You are asking an excellent question. Indeed, the most likely explanation of these symptoms is that indeed, your ovaries woke up for a bit, as I tell my patients sort of a "Last Hurrah" for the ovaries. However, we always advise women who have gone more than a year without a period, and then experience bleeding, to speak with their gyn care provider, and do look into the bleeding episode, just to make sure it is indeed just some ovarian activity, and not anything unusual in the uterine lining causing the bleeding.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane