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    PMDD possibly

    I live in super conservative louisiana and idk where or who to get help from with symptoms coinciding with my literal cycle only!!! I get pills thrown at me for symptoms and I’d rather have 1-2 good weeks a month than none so I’ve stopped all. The past few days the symptoms are coming back and it’s hopeless despair again with guilt because I have no reason to feel like this. My family believes you should just shut up and get over it. Idk what to do!!! Any suggestions please!!!! I have grandparents I need to take care of and an older husband. I can’t be like this anymore. Can someone relate and help or talk. I’m so lost and hopeless and wasting my life. I’m over 30 and can’t remember not having this


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    RE: PMDD possibly

    Luteal cycle**** autocorrect
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    RE: PMDD possibly

    You have a lot issue you need your friends and family support. Good luck
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    RE: PMDD possibly

    Why not look for a second opinion? What kind of pills are they throwing at you (antidepressants, uninterrupted birth control pills)? Is your doctor a gyno?

    Some things to try:

    - Calcium supplements

    - Vitamin B6

    - Chasteberry

    - Reducing caffeine intake

    - Avoiding alcohol

    - If you're a smoker, try to stop

    - Yoga and/or meditation

    Also, stop talking to your family about this because that's probably making the whole situation more stressful for you and that can aggravate your symptoms.

    Hope this helps!
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    RE: PMDD possibly

    Try seeing a good gynaecologist to get to the bottom of your problem.