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    I'm 33 have 1 child who is 10 had my tubes tied after her and I haven't had a period in 2 years my gy n says I'm not in early menopause then what could it be I'm on birth control to get my hormones in order something isn't right


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    Hi See another gyn and ask why its happening, seems your present one wont give you a good answer.

    You need to get a blood test done, that will give the right answer.

    Perhaps Mary Jane Minkin can give you an answer to why, she is this pages gyn, she has a site called.

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    Dear Shauna,
    Am I correct in understanding that you are on birth control pills now? Indeed to tell you what is really happening to your hormones, you will need to be off of the pill for 4-6 weeks-then you can have hormones checked. It is not unusual on birth control pills to not get a period-because if you are on a very low dose pill with very little estrogen, you won't build up much of a lining of the uterus to be shed-but going off the pills will give you an idea of what your own ovaries are up to-and then if you aren't getting periods, testing can be done.
    Good luck,
    and let us know what happens when you go off the pill,
    Mary Jane