• 1 month ago

    Urinary Tract Infections

    I've had many UTI throughout my life and therefore I had lots of antibiotics for treatment. Because antibiotics kill off both bad and good bacteria, I would take eat lots of yogurt or acidophilus capsules at least 24 hours after completely taking all the antibiotics. I've also had a history of yeast infections & this is why it was very necessary to replenish myself with lots of probiotics after the use of antibiotics. I've experienced really bad psychological side effects with antibiotics and in the long run it hasn't been physically healthy to have taken so much antibiotics throughout my life including after much dental surgery. My last UTI was 1 yr ago and I decided to try high quality concentrated cranberry capsules alternatively with cranberry juice concentrate. The juice seemed to be the most effective. I treated my UTI within a little over a week but it could have taken less time if I would have stayed home more, rested and taken hot baths. The concentrated unsweetened tart pure cranberry juice did the trick. It was much cheaper than a trip to Urgent Care & for antibiotics.