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    Bleeding 14 days after period on cyclical HRT and lining 15mm mid cycle

    I am on cyclical HRT and had my period and then this month got it again as I started the Progesterone on day 14. I did have a change in my thyroid meds from snythroid to armour thyroid and not sure if that has anything to do with it.. Also while changing thyroid meds I had a heavy period which I usually don't have. It is usually normal. Now I had a period and 14 days later another period. Went for an ultrasound today and the tech said my lining was 15. .I will get the report tomorrow. .Seen my gyn and he is gonna do a biopsy next week and he didn't see the ultrasound yet. ( he is doing the biopsy because of the bleeding) I am on day 19 of the cycle at time of ultrasound. I get an ultrasound every year and last time it was 10mm but was day 8 of cycle. The gyn gave me a script for Cytotec 200 mg to take 4 hours before the biopsy. He said it relaxes the cervix so that he can see inside . Should I be worried about the 15mm endometrial strip? I have no other symptoms and am in good health. Should I take more progesterone to get the strip down to normal size? I do have 3 fibroids but they dont bother me. I am 68 years old.


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    Dear Anonymous,
    Certainly thyroid dysfunction can lead to "funky bleeding". So you may want to get a set of thyroid function tests to see if your thyroid replacement needs adjusting. When we get an ultrasound right after a clean out bleed, we usually are looking for a lining width of 5-6 mm or less-so you may need a bit more progesterone therapy. But your provider is doing exactly the right thing by doing an endometrial biopsy, to see what's going on inside. (as one of my colleagues, Dr. Nanette Santoro of Colorado says, think of the lining of the uterus as a lawn-estrogen is the fertilizer, and progesterone is the lawn mower.) (and the cytotec is a good idea, too)
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane