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    Women problems...

    For the past month I’ve been spotting like crazy. I am on the nexplanon birth control implant for about 3 months & recently I’ve been feeling bloated, nauseous, abdominal pain and overall discomfort. Now when I was using the bathroom I noticed bright red blood on my toilet paper and is coming from near my anus. Does someone know what this is I am too embarrassed to go to the doctor.
  • 13 hours ago

    18 day long period???

    I am 24 years old. For the past several years my period has been regular. It comes on time and leaves after usually 7 days. This time however, it has been 18 days where most of them I have had heavy bleeding. I don't take any medication regularly but I have tried ibuprofen a couple of days during this stretch. On the days I take ibuprofen, my period gets lighter, but once I stop taking it, my period is heavy again. I have not had any cramping or any pain at all. During the first week of this....
  • 13 hours ago

    How is PCOS diagnosed?

    PCOS is a disorder of the reproductive years and is diagnosed using a combination of physical exam and history, ultrasound (sonogram), and blood tests. On exam, women who have PCOS usually complain of irregular or missed menstrual periods or a long time between periods. They may also be overweight, have increased hair growth (hirsutism), acne, or be unable to get pregnant. On ultrasound, many women with PCOS have enlarged ovaries with many small cysts. Blood tests may show high blood sugar, high....

  • 13 hours ago

    Mysterious Vaginal Pain

    For about 2 1/2 months now, I've had strange vaginal cramps. These are not abdomen cramps (like period pains) but the best comparison is like pulling a muscle in the back of my vagina. I also have experienced dryness and itchiness, but not sure if those are related. I went to the 1st doctor, she said stop the BC I was on. I did. I am currently on no medication. 2nd doctor treated me for HPV and some warts that I had. Those have been treated and gone away. 3rd doctor said yeast infection, gave....
  • 13 hours ago

    Menstrual at age 60

    What does it mean when at age 60 someone still has a period?
  • 13 hours ago

    Depo Provera side effects

    I’m a 31 year old mother of two. I was on Depo when I graduated high school and got back on it this past August. Before the shot took away my period completely with no breakthrough bleeding and after my first shot in August it appeared to do so again. Then when I got my 2nd shot in November, about 2-3 weeks later I had breakthrough spotting for two days. Fast forward to now, I’ve been spotting since before Christmas. I have an odor and cramping. What’s going on?
  • 13 hours ago

    Deep Vaginal Pain

    I'm having some issues with pain pretty deep in my vagina during penetration. At around 5" deep there's a pretty dull, yet very painful sensation that occurs really low in that area, in many situations the pain is actually felt in the ovary area and can be felt after penetration. This is not a lubricant issue.