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  • 5 hours ago

    Multiple large freckles on inner labia minora

    Hey everyone I was taking a look at my labia minora and found a few large freckles mostly around the same spot. I’m concerned... I don’t even know how long I’ve had them for. They’re completely flat and the same texture as the inside of the labia minora. One of them is practically in the opening to my vagina. Can somebody please help??

  • Why is my heart rate so high?

    I’m a 17 year old female, I’m 5’2” and about 135 lbs. slightly overweight but not much. I’m an athlete, I’ve been rowing for 4 years every spring and fall season, we work hard with 2.5 hour practices 5 times a week. Last winter I joined my schools Alpine Ski Team. I’ve been skiing since I was little but I only went a couple times a year and it was just leisurely skiing. Now that I’m on a racing team, we ski about 3 times a week from December to February ,and before and during snow practices we do....
  • 18 hours ago

    Pain that Subsides During Sex

    I am a 21 year old female who experiences discomfort during the beginning of sex, that subsides and then disappears as it continues. The pain feels like applying pressure to a bruise and is very internal. It is not lack of lubrication as we use lots and the amount doesn’t make a difference. I have taken a break from sex, and I find it more painful when I begin again, than if I continued to have sex regularly. Any thoughts on what it could be?
  • 1 day ago

    No More Period

    I'm 17, and I've been menstruating for several years now. I really really hate the whole ordeal. The debilitating cramps, the inconvenience of bleeding, and the extreme mood's all very frustrating and affecting my quality of life. I dread my period. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, there's no way to opt out. I've heard that Depo Provera stops period but I've also read hundreds of horror stories about extreme weight gain, balding, months of spotting....
  • Mirena

    What happens if I dont get my Mirena 5 year IUD changed after 5 years???
  • 1 day ago

    Minty taste in my mouth

    Hello, Im feeling a very strong, very strange (I best describe it as minty) taste in my mouth that is far more prominent when I breath out through my nose with my mouth closed. Therefore for a while I wasn't sure if it was a taste or smell. I am leaning toward taste now. It is something that I sense very strongly, while others can't really smell it on me. This usually happens at night, and continues on during the day. It is making me feel like I'm going insane. I do not have the typical....
  • 2 days ago

    Could my husbands male supplements be a concern for me?

    Hi For some time now I've been concerned that the potent ingredients in my husbands supplements may transfer to me through sex. His protein powder (GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Power) appears to contain some kind of synthetic testosterone. Also he ordered a pre workout capsule supplement that he found online called Nitric Alpha Noz with some "blend" they call the PumpViv NO2 Blend that does not include an ingredient break down. So I'm menopausal, significantly overweight and....
  • 2 days ago

    Headache for two weeks, could this be a withdrawal symptom from bc pills?

    I’ve been having headaches since nov. 6 (a day before my period) it started with just this feeling of heaviness, like a normal headache and I had associated it with my period. But 2-3 days after, I started feeling this ache from certain parts of my head. It would usually occur on one side first then they’d alternate. I have already gone to the doctor and was only prescribed pain killers. I now experience it less frequently throughout the day but with the same intensity. I recently stopped taking....
  • 2 days ago

    Dysfunctional uterine bleeding

    I have been bleeding for over 2 months on and off. I don't even know when I get my period anymore. Bleeding with severe cramps, not saturated any pads but I bleed with clots whenever I pee.I went to the emergency on 11/6/17 they said I don't have an infection, everything looks fine and i am not anemic. I don't have insurance so I don't know what to do.
  • 3 days ago


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