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    Seeking Help

    I’m wondering what this thing called here in america, Where the doctor uses speculum to see cervix and uses water to rinse the inside, and use cotton balls with alcohol to wipe it, then lastly he puts this tablet called chloramphenicol. He said it’s to fight the bacteria. I used to get this done once a month after my period when I was living in overseas. And I havent gotten this done anywhere here. Im wondering what do gyne doctors call this here Because I wanna get it done again.
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    Few months ago I was at work and started feeling really odd and eventually started to feel like I was going to pass out the room seemed to get darker then I felt like I couldn’t breathe my chest felt warm and like it was closing up my arms and legs went dumb and stiffened out and my fists were clinched where I couldn’t open them and didn’t even feel when the paramedics stuck my finger 3 times my sugar was 175 blood pressure was 170/100 I couldn’t stand and couldn’t even think of my moms phone number....
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    Why do I still have night sweats and hot flashes?
  • 1 day ago

    Underdeveloped Breasts?

    Hello, I’m 21 years old, 5’2, 160lbs and have 32A breasts. Not particularly athletic. All the other women in my family have C cups or larger including my younger sister and I feel like the odd one out given my weight and family history of breast size. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I’d be open to answer any more questions.
  • When does this stop?

    Enough already!!!! The crying, the sweating, the crazy.... does it stop when you have reached the 12 month without a period official i'm in menopause mark? I am driving myself nut and everyone else too. I go through days where i cry, days where i sweat, days where i freeze, days where i hate myself, days where i can't stop moving, days where i can't get out of bed.... enough....
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    Why is my discharge brown?

    On October the 2nd I received my period, it slowed down significantly on the 6th. I started to only wear panty liners due to how slow my flow was. During this slow flow I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, minutes afterwards I went to the store and took a Plan B pill. After that we used condoms to have sex. We got a little rough so my stomach started to cramp a few times and I needed him to massage my lower stomach that's how bad it got. Nothing that required medical attention but I figured....
  • 1 day ago

    Ovarian Cysts? Worried...

    I'm 41 with a history of ovarian cyst. My first one when I was 9; second when I was 16 and I lost an ovary. I'm also a cancer survivor but it was when I was a baby. I started with just cramps back in August... It has gotten worse. My doc had me get an ultrasound. It was normal "except they couldn't see my ovary". I've also had diarrhea and constipation switching from one to another... The doc wanted to do a CT Scan but insurance denied it. Instead they want me to see a GI....
  • 1 day ago

    Low Iron And Hemoglobin Levels!

    Hi, I got diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia back in 2015 but since then I've struggled to keep my iron levels up. I've been given several forms of iron tablets and two forms of medicine but I physically can't take anything as I'm scared and as my body reacts to them. On the 12th Oct 17, I got told my iron level was 3 and my haemoglobin level was 17, with the possibility of needing a blood transfusion (I've got a review appointment with my doctor soon). Are these levels seriously....