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    Pure Keto Diet This supplement thistles faster than whenever in late memory. Diverse procedures used for fat replicating are direct and they can dispirit the customer from proceeding.
  • 19 minutes ago

    Extremely Prolonged Period

    Okay, so for the past I want to say year and a half I've been on my period. Since I'm only 16 my grandmother claims that it's just my period working to regulate itself but I don't believe that it's as simple as that. I'm not on any form of medication. I'm on the heavier side and don't really have a good diet which I don't know if that may have something to do with it or not. Anyways I'm beginning to really panic, what should I do?
  • 22 minutes ago

    Testogra maximum commonplace criminal steroid options; crucial - before selecting one among Testogra merchandise under , examine th Testogra . Anvarol (ANAVAR) Anvarol Testogra a effective anabolic compound generally utilized by pro frame builders and athletes in Testogra ir cutting cycles. It gives progressed staying power, lean muscle retention, bodily power and energy production for superb excessive workouts.
  • 1 hour ago

    Worried about losing my hair

    I am 41 years old and have PCOS I have been struggling with facial hair for 25 years I have to shave it's so bad. My doctor recently perscribed spirlaction for it but I was reading an article that said that it may cause thinning hair? Is that true? I also have very thin hair and can't afford to lose anymore
  • 1 hour ago

    Genital itching

    I am post menopausal and I’m 63 years old. I had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago but for the past four years I have Severe itching of my genitals. It is not a yeast infection. I have been to my gynecologist and was told that some women have this after menopause and was told to use Cortizone. So is this a lifetime thing or does anybody have any information on this problem or how to fix it?

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