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  • 9 hours ago

    ATTENTION: WebMD Message Boards to be Discontinued

    After careful consideration we have decided to close our Message Boards on Thursday, July 30. If you would like to save any resources or information that you have stored on the boards, please make sure to copy it before the above date. We thank you for your participation and support through the years, and encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to continue to connect with the WebMD community and get our latest health and wellness information.
  • 1 hour ago

    Healthcare Access

    I'm a 33yo woman in North Carolina. My spouse is a Veteran; he receives regular healthcare via the VA. We were jobless & homeless in 2013 & 2015. Only recently [within the last month] did we acquire enough hours / pay rate to be considered making a full-time salary. According to DSS, I do not qualify for Medicaid / Medicare as we have no children and I'm not pregnant. I've looked into the options I know of for healthcare locally [we don't have a vehicle] and they appear less....
  • 1 day ago

    Ovarian issues?

    I had to take hormones to get pregnant years ago. I have PCOS and endometriosis. Last year, I started having digestive issues out of nowhere (having to go #2 urgently, and experiencing pain) and they've gone the opposite way as of late. I stay constipated, no matter how much fiber I eat and it seems to have coincided with not having my normal ovulation pain. I am uncomfortable and stay bloated. Any ideas on what it could be? I am 42 and thinking it may possibly be hormonal, but it doesn't....
  • 2 days ago

    Massive hair shedding after stopping birth control

    Mid May I was able to stop taking my birth control pills after my Husband was given the clear following his vasectomy. I was on different generic versions of tri pills (tri sprintec, tri previfem) for about 10 years with no health issues. Currently My periods are normal and I have had every one when I was supposed to. They last a few days, not heavy, mild cramping. About a week after my cycles I experience some cramping which I think is ovulation? Overall I would be considered healthy. 5'4"....
  • Clueless

    So, I just got over my period this past Saturday (the 27th) and yesterday I started experiencing some bloating, abdominal pain (with some pain in my upper thigh areas as well), nausea, more frequent bowel movements and lower back pain. Then today there were fewer bowel movements, less abdominal pain and less lower back pain; but the bloating is still there. Also, not too long before I started typing up this post both of my lower legs started feeling a little weak and tingly like they were asleep....
  • 7 days ago

    Missed birth control but didn’t realise until 2 days after

    I am currently on the combined oral contraceptive pill Microlite. I missed a pill on Saturday as I was in work at the time I usually take them. When I got home I forgot to take the pill. I took Saturdays’s pill on Sunday not realising what day it was. Today is Monday and I realised I had an extra pill in the pack which said Sunday. I assumed I missed Sunday as i took the Saturday pill on Sunday. I took two pills today but I realise now that I in fact missed Saturday not Sunday. I had unprotected....
  • 10 days ago

    Breast lumps since puberty

    I am currently 23 years old. I am a relatively healthy female--no major health issues. I am concerned about my breast lumps. Due to my intense anxiety, I have avoided visiting a Doctor's office whenever possible, so I've never had a professional breast exam. When I started going through the stages of puberty in 6th grade (11-12 years old), I noticed breast masses in both breasts. I'm so embarrassed by them. They aren't painful unless squeezed but are very heavy. What does this sound....
  • 11 days ago


    Ok I’ve been on the nexplanon implant for almost three years. Honestly haven’t had a period in a year and some Change and today I had a blood spot only one and it stopped should I be concerned‼️‼️‼️
  • 13 days ago

    Successful hysterectomy

    I had a lathroscopic Hysterectomy because of fibroids in May and I had no complications. I took pain medicine ( prescribed) 2x and otc pain reliever no more than 6x during the entire recovery time. No one really wants to have major surgery but, my experience was at least pleasant
  • 20 days ago

    HealthCare Treatment

    I have been diagnosed w/diabetes,high blood pressure &high cholesterol. I understand that patient's feet are suppose to be checked. Due to my race & status, the medical staff treat me as if I have a disease. Before going to my health facility, I take care of all hygienic concerns. Many of their patients are well-to-do. But I'm probably one of their poorer patient. There are other problems, but I still use there services reluctantly. Frustrated