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  • Keto Body Tone Reviews – Is SAFE or SCAM

    Keto body Tone Reviews is a definitely natural weight loss supplement which is formulated to enable your Body to get into the fat burning process of ketosis. As soon as your Body enters into this state, this complement makes it possible for your Body to remain there for long. This is a gluten-free and GMO-free supplement which does no longer include any hazardous chemicals. It's made with the support of naturally grown herbal plant extracts which were used since many years for weight reduction....
  • 2 hours ago

    Keto Fit Pro endured AFTER advertising and marketing

    Keto Fit Pro endured AFTER advertising and marketing The meals diary promotes an boom in recognition of the amount and first-class of what's eaten, in order that human beings might be extra without problems diagnosed in regions in which they can make changes. as an example, immoderate intake of alcoholic drinks will be lots more obtrusive if it is recorded and can be checked. From these information, the interventions important for the correction of bad conduct ought to be made. What the yank....
  • Keto Fit Norge

    Obese individuals due to their excess weight need more energy hence they are usually not in the state of high energy levels and feel lazy. Their immune system is in a very bad state and they are affected by small diseases very easily. These problems are what make obese individuals unhealthy and unfit. Keto Fit Norge solves these problems in a very safe and efficient way. Keto Fit Norge provides you the energy to improve your stamina and power. It Keto Fit Norge decreases the fat in the body and improves....
  • 1 month ago

    Need a change

    I'm 36, a mother to 8. I recently went to a doctor's appointment and was told i was overweight (duh doc). Ever since I had my last 2 kids I've been struggling with my weight. I am well over 100+ lbs overweight. I am 5'11 and at 282 as of 2 days ago. I find myself struggling with portion control and eating the right things as I am a picky eater as I've been told. Any help?
  • 1 month ago

    Just do it....

    I just turned 67 and I have been overweight for a good 15 years. I try dieting and I lose a few pounds only to regain them. I find it harder to lose now that I am getting older. I NEED HELP. At the present time I cannot do alot of exercise because of having an Achilles tendonitis and having to wear a boot. It limits me from walking for very long distances....I am in need of suggestions or ideas on how to get started. I know that getting started is a really hard thing. I have put this off way too....
  • 1 month ago

    First time here.

    Hi, This is my first time here. I've been trying to lose the same 40 lbs for almost 40 years. Even though now it's more like 70 lbs. My first goal is to weigh myself on Friday and post my weight. (That's my first day back to work after today.) My first try is going to be to eat 3 meals a day and to only eat when I'm hungry. See you Friday.
  • 2 months ago

    Need to loose 20 pounds

    I am 30 lbs over weight however I will be happy loosing 10 at the moment. Any tips?
  • 2 months ago

    I want to loose my belly

    I want to loose belly fat
  • 3 months ago


    I will be 65 in June. This means a lot of things to me. 1st - I made it to 65. 2 - Medicare starts. 3- still overweight at 250 at 5' 6". My health is not too bad. No high blood pressure, my cholesterol controlled by meds, liver good, A1c below 5. My main issue has been Rheumatoid arthritis EVERWHERE since 25 years old. I have had joints replaced. I feel like the meds I take for the RA keep me from losing weight and dr.s have stated that also. But I did get down to 238 2 years ago but was....
  • 4 months ago

    Living the good life?

    I am going to be 63 on March 22. I weigh 185 and am 5 foot 5 inches I have always been on the heavy side and need encouragement to get the weight off permanently. My life is good, they say "move more eat less", but, when the TV goes on, the snacks come out. This week the plan is to get the snacks out of the house, and not bring in anymore!