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  • 3 hours ago

    The extra amount of food that active people eat supplies the very small amount of extra vitamins needed to grow taller and have more energy production, too .Although protein needs are somewhat higher for some athletes, especially for those in strength training sports, food can easily provide the extra. On another note, physical activity, not extra amino acids (protein), builds muscle. For more on nutrition for athletes and ergogenic aids.
  • 19 hours ago

    "Everything is energy,"

    stated Einstein. Everything on this planet from humans, animals, plants to water and so much more are made up of energetic atoms that produce, emit, and receive energy while operating at specific frequencies. And our body's cells, organs, thought patterns and actions all have their own unique electromagnetic fields. Unfortunately, so do things that negatively affect them all as well as our health. ENERGETICS has mastered energy, frequencies, vibrations, wavelengths, AI and number signaling via....
  • 19 hours ago

    Any Suggestions?

    I'm male, 17, 5'7, and 180lbs. (Not good). The main problem is, I'm in a wheelchair, so most exercise methods don't help me. I also have weakened arm muscles, so can't do much arm strengthening as well. Is there anything you guys can think of to help me? I want to try to get to 150. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.
  • 19 hours ago


    MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT IN A NEW HEALTHY WAY! Most weight management products on the market have you consume a shake or take pills. Not BURN. This comprehensive formula boasts multiple ingredients turned into discrete energy signatures infused in a hologram chip that the body naturally takes in as needed.
  • 29 days ago

    Weight loss partners

    Hi, I’m looking for partners to help and encourage in this weight loss journey and health boost. I have just moved to the beach again and look forward to walking there several times a week. I hope I can find some others needing motivation too. Have a great week.
  • 1 month ago

    I want to lose weight but how

    How would you lose weight I want to lose weight I want to be skinny what vitamins do you have to take I am on Xarelto what medicine do you have to take at what shrink your belly.
  • 1 month ago

    a bit overweight and embarrassed.

    I am 63 year old male, just divorced July 2018 after being married to my best friend for over 34 years. She unfortunately developed perks and or picks disease about 5 years ago. I worked on and did everything within my abilities to help her and stay married. After numerous horrible incidents covering 5 years she took a pistol in one of my winter socks and busted my nose and busted out my right eye socket. She did this while I turned away, to run away because I believe; she meant to remove the pistol....
  • 1 month ago

    Web MD gave my body back

    Web MD is with no doubt absolutely the best weight loss community ever. I read it and have been going through the different recommended procedures together with these methods at ( ) , that have not only helped me to lose weight, but also to keep it off.
  • 1 month ago

    Overweight but never hungry

    I have been overweight for years... since I had my daughter and she just turned 16 lol The problem is though, I am never hungry. As a matter of fact, because of some health issues and medications I have to take because of them, eating almost always makes me sick. And I’ve been this way most of my life. I have tried SO many different diets. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Curves, HCG, Keto, medical planned diets, a few crash diets and cleanses sadly lol NOTHING has worked. (Okay not entirely true, when....
  • 4 months ago

    Need a change

    I'm 36, a mother to 8. I recently went to a doctor's appointment and was told i was overweight (duh doc). Ever since I had my last 2 kids I've been struggling with my weight. I am well over 100+ lbs overweight. I am 5'11 and at 282 as of 2 days ago. I find myself struggling with portion control and eating the right things as I am a picky eater as I've been told. Any help?