• 23 days ago

    Unable to lose visceral fat

    So I am 18, and I eat very few cals as I barely ever go out, but I workout at home. I do burpees, skipping, jumping jacks anf other full body intense workouts. I have tried various other workouts in the past, including abdominal but those didn't work. This one is currently most intense and suited for me but I can't lose any more fat? I am only 43 kilos so I don't need to lose weight but I got some visceral fat and need to lose it. I take added sugar once in a while, and if I eat too much I skip to shed some. but I have a round face so the added fat is showing. WHat should I do?


  • 22 days ago

    RE: Unable to lose visceral fat

    I suggest that you start aerobic exercise, which is especially effective in reducing visceral fat. You can run for 30 minutes to 50 minutes a day and stick to a healthy diet, so you will effectively reduce your visceral fat.