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    a bit overweight and embarrassed.

    I am 63 year old male, just divorced July 2018 after being married to my best friend for over 34 years. She unfortunately developed perks and or picks disease about 5 years ago. I worked on and did everything within my abilities to help her and stay married. After numerous horrible incidents covering 5 years she took a pistol in one of my winter socks and busted my nose and busted out my right eye socket. She did this while I turned away, to run away because I believe; she meant to remove the pistol and shoot me. After 5 years of dealing with these type issues I reluctantly decided I needed to remove myself from the situation before I became severely harmed and or killed. I became extremely afraid. I have been in counseling for over 8 years and see a psychiatrist whom has me on anti depressants, valium 5mg 3 times a day, and a nightmare medication. I am a retired law enforcement officer of 33 years but have never raised a hand to my wife. I have a decent Christian good heart. I also must admit I have PTSD. I weigh 256lbs and my specs say I should weigh 195 lbs at my height of 6 foot 4 inches. Being a straight up and an honest person I only have 2 friends, my sister whom is flippy and mad at me too much, and my girlfriend whom is 31 years old. I am very sexually active and due to my weight I have issues with breathing… I need to loose weight and quit smoking, if anyone can help me at all I would greatly appreciate it….


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    Wow ... your honesty is inspiring friend. Never too late to make positive changes in your life. Congrats on the young girlfriend... should keep you motivated to stay healthy. Have you tried to quit smoking before - if sop what methods. If you don't have a dog.... get one. nothing like a cold nose nudging you over the edge of the bed to get you out taking Fido for a 20 minute walk in morning and again after or before dinner. Will make a big difference and it doesn't feel like work.
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    RE: a bit overweight and embarrassed.

    I think intermittent fasting is very effective, which is an easy way to lose weight quickly. In addition, you need to eat more lean protein, eat less carbohydrates, and avoid most processed junk food.