• 10 months ago

    I worked out after a big meal but my weight didn’t change the next day...?

    Hey all! So, over the past year I’ve been fortunate to hit several weight loss goals I set for myself-it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve gotten there and now am just trying to figure out how to sustain it long-term. A few nights ago I ate healthy during the day and that night had what most would consider a fairly unhealthy meal-wings (traditional, so less carbs) with a dry rub (less sodium) and a pizza without cheese (just crust and sauce). Despite these modifications it still ended up being a big meal, and just out of curiosity I weighed myself after the meal, where I found I’d gained a pound. Understandable. I then went and did an HIIT cycling workout like I do every night, which always serves to boost metabolism for 24 hours and produce some results without fail and went to get eight hours of sleep.

    Imagine my confusion/frustration when the following morning I weighed myself again to see that my weight hadn’t changed at all from when I weighed myself the night before. I know weight fluctuates, and I know a fairly high sodium meal like the one I had will have an impact, but I still was hoping for some sort of a change on the scale. What’s even more confusing is that the following day I went to a festival where, although I got in a lot of steps, ate some buttery corn, three small tacos and a brat and although I biked that evening I didn’t do my HIIT workout-yet, for some reason, this ended up causing me to lose half a pound as of this morning.

    I’m confused-thoughts?

    I apologize for the length!