• 26 days ago

    i don't know what i should do

    i am 16 about to turn 17 and i weigh 235. i have tried dieting and exercise, but i never lose weight i either stay the same or i gain it. i do have major depression and high anxiety, and i do take medication for them(sertraline). i don't know if that could be a cause to why i cant lose weight, but i do know that i have tried everything but diet pills and surgery. i really don't know what i should or even can do at this point.


  • 20 days ago

    RE: i don't know what i should do

    Hi Love, I know your pain. I am currently 38 y.o. and continue to fight this battle daily. I don't know how you feel about alternative therapies but in January I went to a chiropractor for an assessment and found out that the nerve that supplies my thyroid was being compressed by my vertebrae. After I began being adjusted for about 6 months I'm down 23 pounds. With in this time I also became a flexitarian which has helped me with the weight loss as well.