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    RE: My weight loss journey

    What? You are paying someone for a weight loss program? Pills? Injections?!!??!?!?!? Listen... All you need to do is count your calories and move more.

    The first thing I would do is use a calorie calculator like - set your age, gender, weight, height. Select "Basal Metabolic Rate" and press "calculate" now you will get the answer how much calories you should eat per day. So let's say its 1.8kcal if you want to gain weight you need to have a caloric surplus, in your case you want to have a caloric deficit to lose weight.

    All you need to do is eat less than 1.8kcal, but please don't bring this number too much, you will start burning not only fat but muscle also. If you burn muscle, your metabolism will suffer, and that will lead to harder weight loss or regain of weight that you lost.

    In this 1.8kcal example, I would not bring this number down for a couple of weeks. Count what you eat and be real with yourself and if you are eating 3kcal per day then bring the first couple weeks to 2.5kcal, then bring to 2kcal for a couple of weeks. After a month of dieting bring down to 1.8kcal and stay there for a whole month. Let your body adapt to the caloric deficit.

    You will see and feel how your body will start to change even if you are not in a caloric deficit yet! After a whole month being on 1.8kcal go down to 1.6kcal and stays there. Now all you need to do is move more and more and more. Of course, you can start moving more on the first day. But what I'm talking about here is to do cardio not 30mins if you did, but 40 maybe after a month 50, depends on how you feel and how fat is burning.

    Another thing when you will get better at your diet and understanding calories, you should start tracking protein, carb, and fat intake. You can read this article for more details on Macros - or you can watch youtube videos if you are a more visual person. Quick answers would be. *You need protein to help protect muscle from burning - I would strat eating 100g per day that's 400kcal. **You need fats that your hormones could function properly - I would eat around 60g(depends on your body weight) that's 560kcal. ***And all left calories should be carbs. If we have about 840kcal left it would be about 210g of carbs.

    And Third, you need to not only move but also do weight training. Our body isn't dumb; it knows that if you are in caloric deficit it needs to lose anything that is eating its energy and that's when people make huge mistakes and do only cardio and forget about weight training. Our body will burn fat along with muscle mass as I wrote it will slow down your metabolism, and everything will go to sh*t. You need to train with weight that your body would recognize weight as a treat to do or die, and it will keep muscle mass just because he never knows when the muscle will be needed again to move so weight. It sounds simple in words, but it's very complicated when you start to think about how our body works.

    If you don't know anything about weight training there is one guy Christian Guzman on youtube - he creates vlogs on diet and exercises. But the most important thing why I'm sharing is his show called "summer shredding" in summer shredding he shows you everything from start to finish. How he eats, how he trains and after 3months of hard work and I mean backbreaking work(you won't need to work as hard as he is working) because he is making his body lean as hell to step on a bodybuilding stage. To win medals, to be the best on stage and to motivate us to achieve whatever goal we have!

    I hope that helps.
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        Wow, thanks for sharing, beneficial information; are you a personal trainer or something?