• 4 months ago


    I will be 65 in June. This means a lot of things to me. 1st - I made it to 65. 2 - Medicare starts. 3- still overweight at 250 at 5' 6". My health is not too bad. No high blood pressure, my cholesterol controlled by meds, liver good, A1c below 5. My main issue has been Rheumatoid arthritis EVERWHERE since 25 years old. I have had joints replaced. I feel like the meds I take for the RA keep me from losing weight and dr.s have stated that also. But I did get down to 238 2 years ago but was dizzy and hungry. Any who, I want to try again and this may be a good place for encouragement from others. For the past 4 months spouse and I have been intermittent fasting. We eat a light breakfast by 8:30 am and have dinner before 5pm. The best part is I have not gained. My spouse lost 20 lbs., but rides a stationary bike 5 days a week for an hour. My problem, I do not like sweating!! I am sure there someone out there that feels the same. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Later encouragers!


  • 4 months ago


    Hey there, your message is really encouraging. We share similarities like 65 is up and coming and taking meds is also keeping weight on. But hang in there. I sense real optimism from you and that makes me want to get moving and take a simple walk around the block after I get home from work tonight. So, thank you!