• 3 months ago

    Thinking Positive

    I'm reading some of the posts. All of you are very brave and that is an amazing step. I am 34 and I was homeless for years, after I got back on my feet I always overeat thinking that maybe will be no food the next day. Right now, I have a great job but still doing the same overeating. I was 216 pounds. Today I am 185. I try everyday to control myself about food. Not every single day I succeed but the very next day I try again to control myself, I love food and the flavors. Food give me the feeling of comfort. I am trying to eat more healthy food and in more healthy portions. If you have any tips, I will love that you will share it with me. Keep up the good work and just keep trying :-)


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Thinking Positive

    First, congratulations on your successes! Surviving homelessness takes courage. Having a great job and loosing 30 lbs are definitely things to celebrate. Do you really think that leading a healthy and fulfilled life = "control myself"? Given what you wrote about overeating "thinking that maybe will be no food the next day," is it possible that sustained weight loss has more to do with your thinking than anything else? I just started reading a book, BARE by Susan Hyatt, that challenges the reader to look at the joy/pleasure in one's life as the path to sustained weight loss. She also has a podcast you might want to listen to. Start paying attention to the things in your environment. Is there anything toxic? By toxic, I mean anything that makes you feel bad consistently (ex: tv shows, magazines that are devoted to weight loss and "skinny", a cluttered physical environment). We tend to downplay the impact that these types of things have on us. Then pay attention to how certain foods make you feel. They may taste great, but then a half-hour later you feel bloated or sluggish or irritable. There will be days that whatever food causes you to feel that way is worth it, but other days maybe not. Either way, at least you're making a conscious decision to eat it or not eat it. Anyway, Susan has a lot of great things for all of us to consider.
    I just notices the name of your post is Thinking Positive. I would say that Susan will offer you a path to do just that.