• 4 months ago

    Living the good life?

    I am going to be 63 on March 22.
    I weigh 185 and am 5 foot 5 inches
    I have always been on the heavy side and need encouragement to get the weight off permanently. My life is good, they say "move more eat less", but, when the TV goes on, the snacks come out. This week the plan is to get the snacks out of the house, and not bring in anymore!


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Living the good life?

    I'm going to 44 on the same day! Try getting nuts in the shells so you work harder for the snack & it's good for you. Or maybe crunchy carrots & celery with 2Tbsp Ranch Dressing? Substitute in baked chops, which your portions. Get a good kitchen scale & make sure you measure everything! Need a diet buddy I'm here, I've lost 13.6 lbs making little changes like these in the past 6 weeks.