• 15 days ago

    Intermittent Fasting.

    Started eating two meals restricting food choices as did not want to gain pounds. Stating out eating withing a 12 hr window and over several months, started eating two meals during an eight hour window. Had to restrict carbs as they usually cause me to gain weight. When Dr. prescribed 60 mg/daily of hydrocortizone for an arthritic condition, gained 10 lbs in 10 days. To counter weight gain, narrowed my daily eating opportunity to a two hr. window eating breakfast, lunch, and supper in that two hour window. Lost the 10 lbs I had gained in 5 days. Went for the 160 lbs to 150 in 5 days!
    Also discovered that I can "pig out" and eat all I want and as much as I want without gaining a pound. Love it! No food group restrictions.
    Couple the above protocol with drinking between 72 and 90 oz of water daily. After about 10 days of doing this have made a full adjustment and don't start getting hungry until about 11:00 A.M. Start eating daily around noon and end about 2:00 P.M. Also drink a hot liquid-usually tea or coffee-about 24 oz with meal.
    Eat slowly and take about two hrs to finish (not practical for most folks) But for those who can, may want to give it a try. But, just keep in my, we are all different and have different metabolisms. What works for me may not work for a lot of folks. For me, it works and I love being able to pig out daily without gaining weight!