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    Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss? (Some Concerns)

    Hey all! So I started taking these Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA pills and so far I've lost 13 pounds! I take them twice a day with a full 8 oz glass of water 30 minutes before a light meal. Here's some basic info:

    April 11th, 2017 - Received Garcinia Cambogia, Day One!
    Starting Weight - 278 Pounds
    Current Weight - 265 Pounds
    Height - 5'7
    Age - 20
    Activity Level - Moderate

    There ARE some concerns however... and that is why I am here. It definitely suppresses my appetite -- I have to remind myself to eat. I actually forget to eat so often my stomach begins to cramp. No cravings here at least!
    I also find myself sleeping more. I can't. Wake. UP. It's like a permanent snooze button came along with the weight loss.
    And then the cigarettes. I can't smoke a cigarette without getting a ridiculous head rush and light headache shortly after since taking these pills. I become dizzy and hot, it's weird. I haven't read anything about any adverse effects between GC and nicotine, but now I'm starting to wonder?

    Anyway, that's my current experience after using it for little over a month. :) I'm hoping to hear from anyone else who has tried it or is currently using it!


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    Hi mmessier,

    You're right to be concerned. We don't know that much about garcinia. Of the few studies we do have, they've all been very short with very few people. So who knows ... that's the danger of some of these supplements. While certainly drug side effects can occur too, oftentimes unknown ones, at least they've been studied in a lot of people by the time they hit the market. A supplement doesn't have to be studied in a single person and there are few regulations around safety with supplements. As far as garcinia, we do know there have been several cases of elevated liver enzymes and symptoms of liver damage in people who have taken it as little as one week. In two people, that's all they were taking so there's a very good likelihood it was the garcinia. In addition, as is the case with many supplements, we don't really know what's in them. There are a few brands of supplements that do put their supplements through quality testing. Very few do that. My recommendation would be to be very cautious. You are having some very troubling signs that something could be going on ... potentially something serious. I'm so glad you've lost the weight! That's a great thing! I just wouldn't recommend doing it with garcinia. It's potentially quite unsafe.
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    RE: Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss? (Some Concerns)

    Hi. Was interested in your feedback on garcinia Cambodia? Took for a month without a result . What brand dId you use? I got mine at Wal-Mart. Hoping for some good news, need to lose about 45 to 50lb. Please help