• 6 months ago

    Afraid of not fitting on Universal rides

    Hello! I am approximately 220 lbs, 5'7" and I was wondering if I would be able to fit into rides at universal. I really don't want to do the walk of shame :-( I'm losing weight but I wanted to have fun with my friends at Universal....but I have doubts about whether or not the seats will be big enough or the lap bars will be able to come down and secure properly. Any help or advice?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Afraid of not fitting on Universal rides

    I can totally sympathize with you. No one wants to ever have to do that walk of shame as you put it. Everyone carries their weight differently so I don't know that we can say here that you will definitively fit comfortably in the seats or not. Most of the rides do have what I would describe as a test seat out in front of the roller coasters before the you even get in line so you wouldn't have to actually get on the ride and then have to feel bad about not being able to get on -- just try out the seat there no problem. The good news is that many of the rides minus the roller coasters are bench seats which I think are more forgiving with space and size.

    When are you going to Universal? Keep up the healthy eating and exercise, and just go in with the mindset that you will have fun with your friends! Don't let the worry or stress about not being able to fit in the seats get in the way of you enjoying your trip.