• 1 month ago

    Weight Loss

    First, I lost weight more than 20 years ago and kept it off. Why lose if you can’t keep it off. I have learned that most overweight people, certainly all that I have known, really want to lose it, but do not want to change the things that cause weight gain. They simply don’t want to hear it. Nevertheless, commercial weight-loss products do not work in the long run, and they are a sure path to yo-yoing. The same applies to books such as the 60’s Scarsdale diet or the rewrite known as the Atkins diet. It didn’t work then and won’t work now. Burning fat for fuel instead of sugar is a highly, abstract way of saying what I am going to tell you. One-way diet plans are just wishful thinking. Further, calorie counting does not work. Doubtful that it can be done with much accuracy, and people will just get tired of it. All you need to know is that some foods contain more than others. Exercise may make people feel better, but is not a successful weight loss program. Find something that you enjoy that gets you moving. People who eat in restaurants more than one meal a week will not lose weight and keep it off. Restaurants are not in the weight-loss business. A lettuce salad makes a good side dish but is not a substitute for a balanced main course. Carbs will not kill you; they are necessary.
    A healthy diet is a necessary integral of a successful weight-loss plan. A balanced diet is the best way to plan for both health and weight loss. You won’t get much of either in restaurants.
    This isn’t necessarily bad news, but for some it could be really good news. Learn to cook. The more we know about food, the better we will be prepared to find a way to lose weight.
    Go to the grocery store yourself. Rely more on fresh meat and the produce department than pre-cooked foods. That alone is a major consideration for losing weight. The more we know about food, the better we will be prepared to find a way to lose weight. TV dinners are the worst. People enjoy the flavor of animal fats, but they are high in calories. A reasonable amount is healthy, but there are other ways to add flavor such herbs and spices. Know that smell is very much a part of taste. Never boil veggies. That loses vitamins and minerals and ruins their taste. Either steam or roast them to enjoy their natural taste rather than adding fats. Learn the different kinds of heat for cooking from wet to dry.
    When someone learns more about cooking, they will know more about reliable ways to lose weight, and will have a healthier diet. I could offer more tips, but you can find them. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Purchase an air fryer, a Crockpot, a George Forman Grill, and a good chef’s knife. The interned is a good source of easy recipes that don’t take a lot of time.