• 8 months ago

    re: keto diet

    Hey datalbino - So, I tried keto earlier this year, and here are my quick thoughts.

    It's good for 30-90 days, but it isn't a good long-term diet.

    Here's the "Good," first:

    The biggest positive is that after reaching ketosis (burning fat instead of carbs) i had more energy and lost weight quickly. I dropped 12 pounds in 30 days, which was more than my goal. I also liked having a "plan" of what i can and can't eat.

    Now, the "bad." The diet isn't rated well by experts https://www.theodysseyonline.com/negative-effects-of-the-ketogenic-diet because (like the paleo diet) it mostly omits "good" carbs like non-starchy vegetables.

    Also, scientists aren't really sure about the long-term body and and brain effects of drastically cutting carbs, and nutritionists generally echo the advice of not doing the diet long term: https://blogs.webmd.com/food-and-nutrition/2018/03/should-you-try-the-keto-diet-a-nutritionist-weighs-in.html

    Tip: if you are on keto, drink a lot of water, as you're more likely to get dehydrated. Also, you can become constipated if you don't eat enough fruit.

    So, having said that, i'd summarize by saying, "keto is good short-term because it produces fast weight loss, but experts rate it poorly long-term." : )