• 6 months ago

    How to lose weight at 16

    Hello everyone I hope I am posting in right community. But I am 16 years old and trying to lose belly fat, been wanting to for a really long time but just gave up after a week and now I am starting again, and about to give up again because I am really confused and frustrated. I don't know how to start or where to start, I've been exercising but I don't know what kind of diet I need. I've read many articles and there just hard to understand and I can't get proper answer I want. Are you supposed to eat less? Starve yourself? What do you have to do? I don't know how other kids my age have lost weight I just want to get rid of this belly fat. My parents force me to eat a lot saying that it's fine and good to eat a lot and that it won't make me more fat. But I find it hard to believe that after researching. So please someone tell me how to properly eat when trying to lose fat.


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    RE: How to lose weight at 16

    First of all so u know I'm credible. I'm going to be an M.D. and I'm about to be a physical trainer. I've done research for YEARS trying all different kinds of diets. And I help friends and family shred down quick for events, weddings, summer etc.,, Ok so there's a lot of confusion stuff on the internet about weight loss- especially diets. I've tried all of them. And the truth is, cutting one macronutrient (carbs,fats,protein) never works long term. What I've found to be the best is intermittent fasting. Basically every 12 hours ur body depleats all of its glycogen stores (glucose energy) and it starts running on fat. If u skip breakfast and workout like a beast in those hours of not eating until lunch. U are not only maximizing ur time for burning fat. But u are training the heck out of ur muscles as the fat comes off ur body. Also- a benefit of fasting can be that u don't eat as much because u skip a meal. I recommend u search more into it. If u have anymore questions I'll be happy to help or provide research for you.
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    RE: How to lose weight at 16

    Hello harmandhesi: Lifting weights will burn the fat. This works I have done it. I went to the gym 3-4 days per week and just lifted weights, doing sit-ups and push-ups between weight-sets. Also ate more protein, drank my fruits and vegetables every morning in a shake-drink. Also ate lots of protein, like meat and eggs. Next I made sure I did not eat refined sugar (like cake and cookies, potatoes or bread unless in moderation. In one year I lost 160 pounds.