• 11 months ago


    I just turned 18 and I am 5"3 and 174. In summer 2017 (June) I was 146 and felt ok. Still a little bit chubby. But in August 2017 I was 177-183 and I felt like crap. In October for my birthday I wanted to buy a pretty dress to wear to my party but I completly gave up and I realized I needed to change not only for visual reasons. I'm adopted and don't know too much abt my family health except for that I'm the only person without diabetes. I get checked as I should for diabetes. But in that October I started doing a HIIT workout with my dad and consulted a dietician. I felt 100% better. My energy was amazing. My focus was good but my weight wouldn't budge. It's October 2018 now and I'm 174 but have been completly consistent and started personal training 3 times a week and cardio 2 hours a week with my dad who's my motivator.