• 9 days ago

    RE: Weight loss has stopped even though diet continues.

    Jeffrey, Congratulations on your success with the weight loss, I remember having similar situation when I was trying to reach my goal. I went from 202 to 165. I But at reaching 175lbs it stopped. So what I did that helped me was I started my diet from the beginning of the phase again, and also increased my endurance when I worked out. I also went to bed earlier than I was used too. It helped beat those late night cravings. I was able to lose another 10lbs. I hope this helps you in reaching your goal. Peace
  • RE: Weight loss has stopped even though diet continues.

    Congratulations on your weight-loss I strongly recommend adding more protein and fiber the biggest part for you to continue losing confidence is to trick your metabolism if you continue to eat the same your body is now storing everything you eat for energy your body knows this is what you're going to eat for the week and this is how much exercise who are going to put in so it is holding on to everything you eat for fuel it knows what time you're going to eat and when you are going to be active and so on basically if you're eating three times a day and taking in 1500 cal believe it or not if you start taking in 1700 cal or 1400 cal your metabolism won't understand what you're doing and you'll start losing weight again Good luck