• RE: weight loss surgery question....

    weight loss surgery question....

    Yes, you can have a repeat procedure. However, let’s step back and discuss reasons why the weight may have come back; As an obesity specialist I see folks in the same situation and repeated surgeries aren’t always the best options. There are less invasive devices and strategies to consider.

    Many people that regain weight after surgery do so for many reasons. They may be misinformed, lack support and access to weight loss specialist and clinics, or because of lifestyle choices and failure to exercise regularly at levels required for the prevention of weight regain.

    There’s a national registry in Colorado that has enormous amounts of data on folks that not only lose weight, but who successfully keep off at least 100 pounds for over 5 years. The data shows they have a few common habits; the one I’ve mentioned is exercise… at least 5-7 hours of moderate to intense levels.

    Some folks incorrectly believe, or are told, that 30 minutes of exercise on most days leads to weight loss. In fact, 30 minutes of exercise has health benefits but weight loss is not one of them.

    More intensive and vigorous levels are required for’ weight loss’[3-5 hours per week] and greater efforts are needed to prevent ‘weight regain’.

    My point being that regular intensive exercise is critical to you, since without routine exercise a repeated procedure will only have short-term benefits and long-term harm.

    Let’s continue since there are also some other reasons for the weight regain with this procedure.

    Over time with a gastric bypass the sense of restriction diminishes; the smaller, newer stomach can and does stretch allowing you to eat more. Another possible explanation is that the smaller, newer, functioning stomach and the older nonfunctioning stomach –which is left behind during your procedure- may have reconnected. This leads to a larger overall stomach, a greater capacity to eat more food, and more hunger…the older stomach secreted many of the hormones of hunger.

    Reconstruction can be redone, but keep in mind what happens over time; without regular exercise this creates the continued need to reconstruct. Each surgery becomes harder since anatomy changes and lots of scarring occurs.

    Another option is a sleeve procedure, which 'can' be performed but studies have shown that they have similar issue like stretching and can this lead to weight regain.

    Two balloon devices (Orbera and ReShape balloons) are available that can help restrict or reduce your food intake and help you feel full. These can be adjusted in size to fit your stomach but they’re only used for a 6 month period while lifestyle changes are put in place.

    A pacemaker-like device is also available that blocks communication to and from the brain and the stomach that signal hunger.

    Well there you have it…
    If you aren’t working with a team of specialist you’ll have to in order to get the best care long term.

    I hope this was helpful.
    Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress
    Dr Bruni
  • RE: weight loss surgery question....

    I know how tempting it is to think that a surgery will get you over the hump but I've been there and so have you.

    The fact is that your body now, no longer absorbs vitamins and minerals the way a normal body would. Now you want to compound that with another surgery. I strongly suggest you do what I have such a hard time doing and just change your eating habits and start exercising.

    I do not say this willy nilly. I'm 53, overweight, previously had the lap band which was the biggest mistake of my life. The physician did damage that can never be repaired. As a result I now have a pacemaker and I have seizures that require medical management.

    I realize that if I am ever going to overcome my weight problem I'm going to have to do it the hard way!
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    RE: weight loss surgery question....

    I too had weight loss surgery - the vertical sleeve - and also regained most of my weight back and it's only been 3 years. However, we both still have the tool to help us get back to our beginning post surgery days. I am going to do my best to utilize WebMD to help me get back to my weight before I started gaining again. (I didn't even make it to my goal weight). Exercise has been the worst thing for me to do - I hate to sweat. haha But I KNOW I HAVE TO do this. It's a mind set first, then a physical regimen. Good luck to you!!
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    RE: weight loss surgery question....

    I would recommend you start with a psychologist. You obviously want to lose the weight but keeping it off is the problem.
    Surgery won't help you change your behavior, your feeling about eating. Talking about your stressors and what makes you grab a coke instead of a water bottle will help you be successful. Any surgeon is going to insist you lose weight to prove you are committed to making it work this time. Good luck!