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    Hi FlyGirlPJ,

    Motivation can be hard to find sometimes. You need a vision for yourself. A purpose for losing weight. Why do you want to lose weight? What difference does that make? What will that mean in your life? What will you be able to do once you lost weight that you can't do now? Or that you're not comfortable doing now?

    It's not about losing something but about creating something. Creating health. Creating hope. Creating a new way of life where being healthy is just what you do. You have to put aside the diet mentality. Diets bring temporary results. Losing weight doesn't take time. Focus on nutritional changes. No time to prepare? Find meal replacements that make it easy. But dedicate yourself to just once a day, making a clean meal with lean protein and veggies. Once you create that vision for yourself and realize why this journey really matters, the rest will fall into place. And lastly, surround yourself with a community of people working on similar goals. It's very tough to go this alone and your chance of success is FAR greater when surrounded by others on the same journey as you are.
      • 4 days ago
        156/95!!! That is what got me started. My Blood Pressure! Taken at a pre-admission (for April surgery) screening. I was asked to talk to my Dr. about increasing my BP meds. That evening I thought 'no way'! Instead, I made a decision to change my lifestyle by nutrition and exercise changes. I started out by making a plan which included getting educated. I was determined. I still am as I continue! My plan is to get as much information off the internet on vegetables and fruits for starters. Others pertain to proteins and carbs. I am also finding useful information from WebMD. I have gotten information from the internet of 'Top Ten' lists also. I include snacks in my changes too. I eliminated fast foods and realize that when away from home, I will have to make a plan of food I can eat at restaurants, to maintain weight/BP. I eliminated alcohol for interim, but as summer approaches will probably consume some of my preferred '2 gram carb/low cal beer'. I have eliminated donuts and colas also! That was a major feat for me. I reduced salt and sugar. I got creative with the foods I can eat. Sleeping 7-8 hrs a night as compared to 5-6 hrs previously. Drinking an average of 2.3 litres of water daily, as compared to 600 ml previously. I record what I eat on a daily basis and randomly record calories consumed on some days. I do same for exercise (recreational or work around the house). They say that after you have done something for 28 days, it becomes a habit. I am at Day 17. Combining education, determination and integrity, I have lost 5 lbs in over 2 weeks. My recent BP measured at a hospital 3 days ago was 115/72 with pulse of 87. I like my new results so far and I have more energy and no longer feel bloated and lazy. Feeling great!!
      • Well done kgh1957! Keep up the great work. You've made so many wonderful choices and changes. When you hit a stumbling block (and you will) figure out a way around it and keep moving forward. Lean on others to help get you there. Over time you'll pull others along with you because they'll want to do what you're doing as they see you feeling great!
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    I have this same problem too. So I started a mantra to myself that works *most* of the time... "just 20 minutes for a healthier body". I also tell myself... if I watched 20 minutes of TV today, or read for 20 minutes, or surfed the web for 20 minutes, then that's what I chose to do instead of exercise. I know I can always make the time. I believe most of us can spare that 20 minutes (start somewhere!), so for me it's about phrasing it to myself in way that let's me put down that book and go take care of my body instead. Good luck to you!
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        Wow.. good thinking SunnyID! Never thought of your approach and makes a lot of sense. Good idea of yours!!! Thanks.
      • Time is an easy reason because we are all very busy. So high 5 to you for not making it an excuse. I absolutely love your approach. It's really all about priorities. Do we choose to make something else more important than our health. Well done!
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    Break up my workouts. I might do 3---10 minute workouts etc.
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        I like your idea GreatFate! I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, but at times I would drink most of it after 6pm to make up for the lack of, earlier in the day. (Problematic.. as I would be running to the washroom every 15 minutes that evening). Therefore, I created my own '3-7-11 rule'... drink 700 ml of water before 3pm, 7pm and 11pm. Incorporating your idea fits in well with that. Thanks. :)
      • Great idea! Takes care of the time issue because surely we can all squeeze 10 minutes here and there out of our day. Took care of that excuse. Well done!