• 2 months ago

    How on Earth am I So Skinny?

    Random question that I've been curious to know the answer to, if anyone has any ideas... how on earth am I so skinny? I've recently drastically changed my diet to not only become healthier, but to also try to put a cap on my calories and not overeat. Now that I'm eating less, I feel SO hungry all of the time. Looking back, I realized that when I was eating like I used to, I would routinely eat probably 2,500 to 3,000 + calories a day. Many of my meals consisted of 1,000 + calories each. None of this was health food -- it was a ton of junk: pizza, pasta, hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, milkshakes, chicken nuggets, french fries, hot cheetos, Oreos, you name it. The reason this blows me away is because I stayed at a consistent weight not only eating that many calories, but while eating that much junk, as well. I'm pretty small -- I'm 5'2 and the most I've ever weighed was 120 pounds, which was well within a normal BMI. I've never had a waist line larger than 26 inches in my life. I've heard that being young can have an effect on how food affects your body -- could it just be that? I didn't start majorly changing my diet until these past few months, and I'm 21. And I've never exercised much AT ALL, either. I just don't understand how I was maintaining such a normal weight while eating so much!


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    RE: How on Earth am I So Skinny?

    Obviously, your metabolic rate equals your caloric intake. For most of us, it is that simple. (Not so for everyone.) Too, there are three body types: ecto, meso, and endomorph. It sounds like you may be an ecto. Be careful, because as you age your metabolic rate may change if you become less active; muscle mass declines with less activity, and your metabolic rate slows. Your diet may also help explain your weight; sugar and caffeine can jack you up a bit, and you burn more calories. Either way, worry not about the past, but focus on the future. Keep up the new diet (make it a lifestyle), and if you are hungry, not gaining weight, and can afford it, eat more good stuff and be happy. And, I encourage you to get active, too. Exercise, in moderation and done intelligently, has a wealth of benefits.