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    Weight related medical condition? Or just getting older?


    I've always been on the heavier side (5'10'', 230 lb), but could lose weight fairly easily when I put my mind to it. About 3 years ago (I'm 41 now) I had a really bad reaction to sulfa-antibiotics. My whole body turned into a lumpy, purple rash, the top of my tongue developed a pasty white layer, and I felt extremely ill. I went to the hospital and was put on a heavy dosage of antihistamine and steroids, and the symptoms eventually went away.

    About the time that I was getting better, I began losing weight at a crazy rate (1-2 lbs/day). Initially I thought it was great, but then I began to worry because there wasn't a reasonable explanation for the weight loss. It was a bit frightening, so I actually began going out and stuffing myself at buffets to counteract the loss, but I couldn't even out-eat it. I'd wake up the next morning after the buffet and have to cinch another hole on the belt.

    All in all, I lost about 25 lbs in about 2 weeks. I went to my doctor, he ran blood tests, and he said said that I had hyperthyroidism. He scheduled me for a follow up appointment 1 month later, and by the time that I showed up for that appointment, I had gained back the lost weight and more (about 30 lbs). He said that the 2nd round of blood tests showed that I had borderline hypothyroidism (low end of the scale, but still within normal range). He scheduled me for another follow up appointment, but I ended up moving across the country around that time and didn't go back (I move around a lot for my job).

    Another stark change that occurred during this episode is that I became allergic to various things (Only thing I'd ever been allergic to was epoxy). I now get severe seasonal allergies, I'm allergic to deodorant (been using it my whole life without issue), and I often have allergic type reactions (skin rashes, swelled throat, etc) and I don't even know what caused them.

    But the really horrible part is that my metabolism went straight into the crapper. I can dedicate myself to exercise and near-starvation for a period of time, and I can't hardly lose a damn pound. I currently weigh around 260, go to the gym (30 min cardio, light lifting) 5 days a week, and walk around 3 miles a day living in the city. I've tried every eating strategy in the book, nothing works. I actually got fed up a few months ago and went on a 7 day water fast as a means of punishing my stupid body (lost 8 lbs, gained it all back 2 days later).

    Anyway, I really feel that something about my metabolism changed when I had that allergic reaction. I've been to 3 different doctors over the last couple of years, but as soon as I say "I can't lose weight", they roll their eyes as though to say "I hear this 10 times a day!". I try to tell them the story, but they aren't interested in considering a possibility other than that I just eat too much.

    I wanted to run this past some knowledgeable people to see if there is possibly a medical explanation for my theory. If I'm having a hard time controlling my weight because of natural age-related issues, then fine, I will deal with it. But, if there is possibly a controllable medical issue that is causing this, then I really want to do something about it. I just don't know what to say, or to whom to say it (specialty) to actually get the situation taken seriously.

    Any ideas?


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    RE: Weight related medical condition? Or just getting older?

    Oh how you've been through the wringer! I have hypothyroidism. It is easier to gain weight if not controlled.
    You want to find answers then see a very good chiropractor. I found one that is a certified nutritionist also. She's great in finding the why my body is responding the way it is. She had me delete cheese, then some more dairy products. The result turned out I was lactose intolerant. That the beginning of the mess I am, lol.
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    RE: Weight related medical condition? Or just getting older?

    I have something very similar to what you are explaining and it is called Hoshimoto's Thyroid Disease. Please investigate it and find yourself a good doctor. I have a regular doctor which prescribes my thyroid meds and I see a holistic/chiropractic doctor which helps with the allergies and the stress of the disease. This will be a life long battle for you and you will have ups and downs. Once you truly figure out what is wrong, for sure, things will get better! I stay away from a variety of foods, I exercise mildly, I get rest as much as I can and my weight fluctuates within 5 pounds....Plus I feel better!

    Ask the doctor that you find to run ALL of the thyroid tests....T3, RevT3, T4, antibodies. Good luck and don't give up!
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    RE: Weight related medical condition? Or just getting older?

    Keep a food journal to show to doctors in your future.
    Doctors will be quick to blame your eating patterns and doubt that you are being honest, and you can present them with a black and white proof.
    Don't do fad diets, they never work. Find something healthy you can stick to.