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    RE: Any Suggestions?

    You can eat more natural low-calorie foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, etc., eat less packaged food, junk food. Natural food not only provides enough energy for the human body, but also helps the body avoid excessive intake of food and lead to obesity.
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        "Everything is energy," stated Einstein.
        Everything on this planet from humans, animals,
        plants to water and so much more are made up of
        energetic atoms which produce, emit, and receive
        energy while operating at specific frequencies.
        And our body's cells, organs, thought patterns and
        actions all have their own unique electro-magnetic
        fields. Unfortunately, so do things that
        negatively affect them all as well as our health.

        ENERGENTICS has mastered energy, frequencies,
        vibrations, wavelengths, AI and number signaling
        via Bio-Field Resonance Technology (BRT), a
        wearable health & wellness technology platform
        capable of creating and programming advanced
        products that can keep your body's life
        frequencies at an optimal level.
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    RE: Any Suggestions?

    Hi, my friend am so sorry for what you are going trying right now, I think i can help you. people want to lose weight for many reasons, including to improve their quality of life, improve their health or regain a sense of control. Some people experience a "trigger" that propels them into taking action toward losing weight. This might be a conversation with a loved one, a realization that their weight is impeding their lifestyle or an appeal from a doctor. ENERGETICS BURN is infused with 16 of the most powerful, proven weight loss ingredients providing the body with beneficial frequencies for detox, weight control with fat burning and fat metabolizing agents.

    DUO is a two-step program starting with ENERGETICS PURE NRG coffee paired with ENERGETICS BURN to help you push forward towards your long-term weight management and overall health and wellness goals.
    pls clike the link below for more information. I will be glad to hear from you soon...

    joe macon
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    RE: Any Suggestions?

    I have a sedentary life d/t severe arthritis and need to lose #100. I was 268. I went on a diabetic diet and in 5 months Ive lost #35. I would recommend it