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  • 57 minutes ago

    Cannot Lose Weight

    I have seen numerous doctors and not one can tell me what the issue is. To start, I have high testosterone, but not high estrogen. One of my doctors considered PCOS, but ruled it out and called it an adrenal problem. He put me on dexamethasone which lowered my testosterone, but caused me to gain 40+ pounds. Needless to say I stopped seeing the doctor and taking the medicine about a year ago. I work out 5 times a week on average, doing 50-70 miles on a spin bike at a relatively high resistance. I....
  • 14 hours ago

    Halo Top or Arctic Zero ice cream

    Has anyone tried one of these low-calorie ice creams? I've seen both of these brands in the supermarket lately, and the carton says they have something like less than 300 calories for a pint. If you've had them do they actually taste like ice cream? And do you think they would be a good substitute for when my sweet tooth kicks in? I can't imagine that they are as good, but one can hope.
  • 16 hours ago


    I was thin for years, eating very little but good foods. I drank some, but really exercised several hours a day. But had a parathyroidectomy , hysterectomy and thyroidectomy. My doctors were really not helpful after the operation esp. the Thyroid doctor. However, the doctors did the operations in one shot and immediately went from a little weight gain before the operation(size 9) to a size 18. My doctors refused to listen tome and would not give me a thyroid supplement. I went back to exercising....
  • Did anyone enroll for Naturally Slim Program? Feedback please.

    Did anyone enroll for Naturally Slim Program? Feedback please.
  • How to lose weight during Menapause

    I use to be able to lose 5-10 lbs. with no problem in my 20/30's, even 40's. However, once Menapause kicked in I can't seem to lose 1 oz. let alone the 30 lbs. I've gained since age 47. I'm now 54 and really need to lose this weight. I must admit, I don't exercise like I should, but I do eat very well. What gives?
  • 1 day ago

    Just getting started

    Hey guys staying encouraged to loose weight is tough I work a lot a lot and my job can be stressful I know whose job isn’t but I’ve been through a lot in the past year and getting on a healthy diet and working out is tough I’m really at the where do I even start phase I want to loose weight and get healthier really. But where does that even start please help if you can give any positive advice because this thing isn’t easy! Thank you!!!
  • 3 days ago

    How do I get toned muscles without bulking up?

    I'm trying to build defined, lean muscles. I don't want to bulk up, just get stronger and more toned. What's the best way to do this? I've been doing squats and some light weights plus cardio but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I don't want to have to hire a trainer but I feel like maybe I don't know enough to get started on my own. Anyone have any suggestions of routines I can follow? I've heard good things about hiit routines.
  • Simple meals that are vegan, no salt, no oil, low sugar

    I've had digestive issues for a long time and also have struggled losing weight. I've found through the process of elimination that my body is much happier on a vegan diet that also is low/no salt, oil and sugar. Any simple meal and snack suggestions to get me out of a junk food vegan rut? (PS my B12, Omega 3, and Vitamin D levels and other bloodwork is regularly monitored by my doctors so I'm not concerned about that aspect of veganism).
  • 5 days ago

    How can I get slimmer thighs?

    My thighs have always been on the bigger side. They aren't necessarily fat but they are bulkier than I would like them to be. What exercises could help me slim down in the thigh/hip area? I do a lot of squats but I'm not sure if maybe that's having a negative impact.
  • Weight loss---help

    I am a type 1 diabetic and 66 years old. I find it impossible to lose weight. I was told that my insulin makes it difficult to lose as well as a the fact that I have Hashimoto's disease (which is borderline). I am 5'7" and weigh 170 lbs.---the most I have ever weighed. I do limited exercise , don't eat a lot, but feel my metabolism is at ground zero. I eat well due to my diabetes and my A1c is 6.2. Should I just give up and eat for my diabetes? Seems I can't lose weight no matter....