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  • 2 days ago

    Lower belly fat

    I have been trying to get rid of my upper and lower belley and stomach. What can I do
  • 2 days ago

    How to lose weight at 16

    Hello everyone I hope I am posting in right community. But I am 16 years old and trying to lose belly fat, been wanting to for a really long time but just gave up after a week and now I am starting again, and about to give up again because I am really confused and frustrated. I don't know how to start or where to start, I've been exercising but I don't know what kind of diet I need. I've read many articles and there just hard to understand and I can't get proper answer I want....
  • 2 days ago

    Weight loss without exercise

    Is it possible to lose weight without workouts? I dont want to do exercise but if i had i would like to do as little as possible. What do you think? Can you recommend me diet to lose weight without exercise?
  • 3 days ago

    Weight Loss

    First, I lost weight more than 20 years ago and kept it off. Why lose if you can’t keep it off. I have learned that most overweight people, certainly all that I have known, really want to lose it, but do not want to change the things that cause weight gain. They simply don’t want to hear it. Nevertheless, commercial weight-loss products do not work in the long run, and they are a sure path to yo-yoing. The same applies to books such as the 60’s Scarsdale diet or the rewrite known as the Atkins diet....
  • 5 days ago

    Struggling to lose belly fat

    Greetings! I could use your input and ideas. What exercises do yall recommend to help with midsection weight loss? I have trouble with my lower back from an old injury, so sit ups are not an option for me. Thank you
  • 5 days ago

    Tired of trying and failing

    Hey. I'm 40, 5'4", 240 (give or take 2 pounds). I've done a lot of different things, quitting sugar, quitting carbs, meal replacement shakes, intense exercise, light exercise, intermittent fasting, and more. And guess what? None of it works. My clothes don't feel different, I don't look different and the scale certainly hasn't changed. Please can someone offer some kind of reasonable solution. I just want to be healthy.
  • 6 days ago

    Finding good Calorie Counter app for Android

    Hi all, i'm now on Cutting Weight process and now i'm finding the best calorie counter app to help me counting my daily calorie. is there any android app that have good database? thanks
  • Diet

    Vegetarian Diet Benefits I admit that fast weight loss is not for everyone. It is, nevertheless, for me. I could not tolerate slow weight loss. It would take 2 months to lose 10 pounds. A holiday would come up and 2 or 3 days of eating "normally" I would gain back 6 pounds! Talk about demoralizing! That is the good reason I am a proponent of quick weight loss . It is extremely motivating and you will stick with a diet plan when you start to see the weight dropping off relatively quickly....
  • 18 days ago

    re: keto diet

    Hey datalbino - So, I tried keto earlier this year, and here are my quick thoughts. It's good for 30-90 days, but it isn't a good long-term diet. Here's the "Good," first: The biggest positive is that after reaching ketosis (burning fat instead of carbs) i had more energy and lost weight quickly. I dropped 12 pounds in 30 days, which was more than my goal. I also liked having a "plan" of what i can and can't eat. Now, the "bad." The diet isn't rated....
  • 19 days ago

    Picky eater

    Trying to lose 10-20lbs over the next few months but my biggest issue is I'm a picky eater. Extremely picky and don't eat a lot of veggies. Any other picky eaters out there that can give advice on meal plans?