• 6 months ago

    My story is almost the same

    I lived alone so this was easier.
    For the first 3 days I felt terrible because of a health issue that scared me. I layed on the sofa and closed my eyes and every 15 minutes considered getting up and driving to 7/11 to buy a pack of cigarettes, opening it and lighting one. I visualized evey action and feeling. The second day and the third were less often. I got up on the forth day and began to act more normally. When I felt an urge to smoke I drank a glass of water or started playing solitare. This was genius for me. I would drink water, get my cards, and sit on the floor, and play a game of solitare. That was 13 almost 14 years ago. I have not touched one since though I almost tried to buy one from a guy outside a theater once. Never let your guard down.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: My story is almost the same

    I love your message, "Never let your guard down." So very true.

    It's hard to stay the course and not smoke. Some days and some situations are harder than others. Your post is very encouraging. Thank you!