• 29 days ago

    Nicotine patches work when there’s no other option!

    A few days before my 60th birthday, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke (brain bleed) and found myself confined to ICU.

    I started smoking at age 16 - that’s 46 years of hard core smoking. My dependency had grown to 3 packages a day.

    As they poked and prodded to find out whatever they could about my condition, they allowed me to wear a nicotine patch. While hospitalized I forgot about the patch, as I realized it was the patch or nothing. When I went home I wanted to continue using the nicotine patch, realizing it would be a real challenge there because I would be faced with a smoke or don’t smoke choice.

    I often reflected on my time in the hospital knowing that I could do it. Eventually I weened myself from the patch entirely by leaving it off while at places I couldn’t smoke, such as church, shopping, etc., until I was satisfied I could stop completely. On June 27th I will mark 8 years without smoking!