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    I have been smoking for 46 years I started chantix in Jan most days I go without any cigarettes but 3 out of 7 I have to have 1 cigarette. Any words of wisdom on how to get past that 1 cigarette?


  • 6 months ago

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    Hey, You can always find support around people. Just don't be afraid of it. I am happy you don't, and thanks for sharing it with us.I had some depression problems. I smoked for 12 years and I have vaped for maybe 6 or so years now! I buy my first vape tank on this site: https://www.worldvaping.com/best-vape-tanks/
    But being disabled really pushed me into quitting my long habit of smoking and into using e-cigarettes. Not to sound lazy, but it helps to get my fix without having to get out of bed, especially cause I tend to vape all day, since I am bedridden a lot of the time due to my chronic illnesses, lol. My body worse because I do not exercise.(I am one super anxiety and pain-ridden girl, so smoking has always helped me calm down and also helps me keep my breathing calm. It also helps calm down when my chronic pain gets bad! So many perks to quitting cigarettes!)
    My husband saying I was shocked and stopped vaping immediately.
    After, He introduced me to do. Amy. She has helped us. I started to smile; it was the 2nd step after quitting. A few months later, I began to see results.
    You must thing if your smoking what will happen.
    This is my story. Maybe It doesn't help you. But I want to share you.
    I wish you all the best!
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    You'll have to turn up your emotional strength during those few times you need to smoke. Just tell yourself you are a non smoker. power through if you can. You have come so far!! Good luck!
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    For me it really comes down to not allowing myself to have any access to cigarettes when I have my really bad cravings. I don't have a "safety pack" and when I'm having one of those cravings I avoid everyone I know that smokes (I've told them so they don't think I'm a bad friend). I tell myself over and over I'm a non-smoker now and I won't allow myself to go to the store. I even say "No!" very forcefully out loud. I had been working on quitting about a month with middling success until I started doing this. I'm now 4 days with absolutely no nicotine!