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    Addicted to smoking, my health depends on me quitting

    Hi, I am glad I found this support page. I have heart disease, COPD with severe asthma, osteoporosis, and several other health issues that are all critical reasons why I need to quit smoking. I have tried e-cigs, vapes, Chantix, patches, antidepressant's, gum, lozenges, candy, eating, walking, exercising, yoga, support meetings, you name it, I've probably already tried it. Nothing helps, and several of the above mentioned attempts didn't agree with my stomach or my being prevented from walking or exercising due to my spinal problems. I currently use Tar Bars, which helps some, but I'm still smoking. I guess I enjoy the nasty cigarettes. I'm about to have lumbar surgery and I need any help I can get to quit. I'm so mad at myself about my addiction. So are my doctors. Any suggestions? It doesn't help that my husband also smokes, in the house, we both do, unless the grandchildren are here. There are friends and family members who also smoke cigarettes, cigars, or vapes.


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    RE: Addicted to smoking, my health depends on me quitting

    I'm also desperately trying to quit smoking so, I get where your coming from. My only thought is this..... the upcoming surgery you have could be a great opportunity to quit. You could ask your doctor to prescribe a nicotine patch while you are in the hospital recovering from the surgery. It'd give you a head start with a few days of not smoking before you go home. I don't know if this is helpful but, I wish you luck!