• 5 months ago

    cigarettes vs e-cigarettes

    Hi everyone, I am on my umpteenth time to try and quit smoking. I've been smoking for about 40 yrs. My son convinced me to start using e-cigarettes instead of smoking cigarettes. He told me that it was better for you and I can cut down on the amount of nicotine I'm getting over time. Then I was told that vaping was even worse for you than cigarettes. I just don't know. I do know that with the vaping, I breathe better and feel better. I believe that I can cut down in a short time with the vaping because it has stages you can go to to quit nicotine altogether. It seems that if I get this done over the course of a few months, it sure beats 40+ yrs. of cigarettes. So I can't believe that it could do me much harm if it's just a short while. I have tried cold turkey - it didn't work -, I have tried Wellbutrin and it just made me antsy -, I tried the patches and they don't stay on me, I hate the taste of the gum, etc., I tried Chantix and ended up locked up in the mental ward because I had a bad reaction and had a breakdown. I did, however stayed nicotine free for three years the went to a casino where there was a man sitting next to me smoking and I figured, "Just one..." Don't do that. Just one will get you started again. Now... Any new ideas? I have COPD and just recently ended up in the emergency room. (still smoking) ugh! HELP please.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: cigarettes vs e-cigarettes

    Definitely switch to vaping it's much safer than cigarettes because you're not consuming all those harmful chemicals. With vape you can get that same nicotine, in much safer way. Vaping is basically a water vapor when you take hot showers the steam vapor that you see is the same vapor that comes from vaping.