• 6 months ago

    Hospital week free

    I had been on Chantix before coming in for double pneumonia. The Chantix was helping so much and I was down to 13 cigarettes a day after only 3 weeks. I felt fantastic which is not always the case with everyone. Bad side effects are assigned to get off it immediately. After smoking for 34 years I will do anything it takes. Any of these e-cigarettes or others a garbage and still have nicotine. They are to be thrown away just like cigarettes. My daughter has seen my lung X-ray and my hands from IVs and now longer will touch them. I have had headaches so far and maybe a craving or two but I am so happy that the taste is coming back and the circulation is improving. Focus on all of the positives and not the negatives. Be dedicated to what you're doing and keep your goals right in front of you. Pictures of your kids Etc. If you smoke in your car clean it out and I mean good! I will be going over mine with a fine-tooth comb. My advice in the best I can give is that I wish I never started but now that I have I'm glad that I'm quitting. I am now a week free as of today and this is going to be for the rest of my life. I held my mom's hand as she passed from pulmonary fibrosis then I should have quit then. But we can't turn back the clock we can just do what we need to now. Good luck to all and I hope this helps even someone a little bit. Namaste