• 6 months ago

    Started losing all the flavor from the juice; is it normal?

    Hey guys,
    I am here for one of my friends. She wanted to quit and has been vaping for about 2 weeks and then all of a sudden she started losing all the flavour from the juice..
    I figured it was the coil being burnt out so I asked her to switch the coils and try again. But, still the result is same… She switched the tank and the e juice and still no flavour…
    I’ve been vaping for the past year, but never had such an issue. My friend and I’ve been vaping the same flavour, which we bought from an e liquid wholesale- https://iblissvapor.com/ . So, I figured, this doesn’t have anything to do with the flavour. So, I googled about the condition and came to know about the condition called vaper’s tongue, where the vaper unexpectedly and without warning experiences a diminished experience of flavours during vaping.
    Is this condition common among the vapers??? Does this occur to every vaper??? Did anyone had to go through the same situation??? If u have any helpful tips or remedies for this please do share…


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Started losing all the flavor from the juice; is it normal?

    Here is the best suggestion I can give you. I did do e cigarettes for a time myself all different brands and kinds from oils and coils two pens that came all in one piece. Throw them in the garbage. None of them are worth double pneumonia and ending up in the hospital like I am right now. A trip into the ICU and being on CPAP machine is a scary thing having are forced into your lungs does not feel good please please get rid of any nicotine substances that you are using at all. And pray that you have not lost someone do do this terrible disease. Go with peace and light in your heart in good health. Namaste