• 10 months ago

    Just stopped Smoking...

    I had stopped smoking in 2004 - had not smoked for 11 years. Then, in 2016, I separated, got divorced, sold a house, moved, two kids in college and starting taking on a bigger role as care giver to elderly mother - in another state so I started smoking AGAIN.

    I just bought a pack last night - smoked today and realized I HATE SMOKING! Broke the cigarettes, threw them in the trash and threw away my lighter.

    I joined this message board for support. I don't want to smoke and I need help.

    Next stop, cleaning my clothes and cleaning my car.
    DAY 1: 12/19/2018


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

    Congratulations on your decision to quit! I know it's almost a cliche to say but that really is the most important step, to make the DECISION to quit. Because to DECIDE means you have removed the need for willpower from the equation. To be an ex-smoker (or in my case ex-tobacco user as I not only smoked but dipped and chewed too) is your new identity.

    But be prepared: it won't be easy. I quit April 09, 1998 -almost 21 years ago. Quitting the use of tobacco was, for me, the hardest thing I have ever done bar none, however, I had made the DECISION to quit as I was so beyond sick and tired of my nicotine addiction! I went through days, weeks, months of severe craving and even grief (I had lost my most comforting friend and a huge part of my identity) that I thought would never, ever end. But I kept telling myself SO BE IT!! I will suffer forever if that is the price to pay! And then, eventually, a funny thing happened: one day I actually turned the corner. I was suddenly...over it. Not over it in a complete "over it" way but over it in a different way I can't quit describe and was not anticipating. But over it none the less.

    Occasionally, rarely, I still have the random smoking dream but they are very few and far between. I wake up...confused. But then with the clarity of wakefulness I remember I know longer smoke and the dream quickly fades like smoke. I know the tiger sleeps but still grows and I can never take even a taste again.

    I never crave anymore. I can say with total honesty I never miss them which is something I use to think would be an impossibility! But it's true. To say it has been a kind of mystical journey would be a gross understatement. It's been worth all the struggle and one day you'll look back and understand what I mean. My best advice? It's another cliche: ONE DAY AT A TIME. Trust me, you'll get there.
      • 9 months ago
        Well, my real stop date was, Monday, January 7, 2019. I actually attended a free (up to a point) Cognitive Behavioral webinar that night. Took notes, then dropped when In order to continue and learn more it would cost $597!
        Instead, I bought garlic bagel chips, a bag of trail mix (nuts, raisins, and m&ms) gum and a BIG 84oz water jug. I’m on Day 3! Tomorrow I go join the Y... still need to clean my car, but it snowed here in Ohio!
      • 9 months ago
        I stopped 5 years ago after 35 years of smoking, the last 5 years hating it but unable to quit. Although I tried every product, patch, gum, pill, on the market, nothing had ever worked for me. However, a simple book, "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", by Alan Carr, worked. I highly recommend it. It's available on Amazon, or at most book stores.
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    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

    Wow. I cant blame you for starting again.All that stress.But weldone for quitting again.What was your quit date?
  • 9 months ago

    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

    As Big Bird said, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
    Seriously, the more times you try to quit smoking, the easier it gets.
      • 9 months ago
        Day 5 - No Smoking. Challenge tonight... going out for dinner and drinks with friends... Drinking is a Trigger... so I may skip the drink... Thoughts?
      • 9 months ago
        That's a tricky one. I once quit for about three weeks by having a good drunk. Alcohol flushes nicotine from your system. That's why you smoke like a chimney when you drink. You need to smoke more in order for your body to maintain the level of nicotine it has gotten used to. The drunk flushed it out of me faster.
        At Day5, you have already metabolized all the nicotine and pissed it away.
        This quit only lasted three weeks because of a friend's birthday party. When I woke up with a hangover, I noticed half a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the night stand.
        My advice: Let your friends know upfront why you won't be drinking.

        "Quitting smoking is one of the easiest things to do. I should know, I've quit a thousand times!" - Mark Twain
      • 9 months ago
        Might be late for this but I would strongly recommend you do not drink alcohol while trying to quit. I would stay away from alcohol for at least a month. Alcohol is a trigger for smoking.
      • 7 months ago
        I know if I dare drink (very rare) then I automicatlly smoke. Nothing like instantly killing 2 birds with one stone... however the smoking never made me want to drink
  • 6 months ago

    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

    It is qiute disappointed to hear such news . Just motivate yourself it will help you out in quitting your smoking , smoking is hazardous for the couple please go through the link https://www.elawoman.com/blog/fertility-boosters/smoking-while-trying-to-conceive
  • 3 months ago

    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

    You can always find support around people. Just don`t be afraid of it. I am happy you don`t, and thanks for sharing it with us. I had some depression problems. I can`t even imagine what would I if my wife doesn`t help me with it. Because I didn`t unterstand I had big problems.
    I figured out the connection between depression and smoking after reading this article:https://www.Worldvaping.com/nicotine-replacement-therapy-nrt-efficient-way-to-quit-smoking/. Frankly saying I was shocked and stopped smoking immediately.
    After, my wife introduced me to dr. Ann. She has helped US. I started to smile; it was the 2nd step after quitting. A few months later, I began to see results.
    All I can to suggest is to be close to your man, even if he says he doesn`t need you at this moment. Don`t listen to him)
    I wish you all the best!
  • 2 months ago

    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

    sorry about what you have experienced. but it would be great decision to stop smoking. you know, i've smoked for nearly 15 years, and i've tried to stopped smoking and started to try vaping two weeks ago after i've been touched by an article i saw: https://www.vapingcig.com/vaping-vs-smoking/ .
    Once I saw it, i was quite excited and decided to stop cigarettes, which was indeed quite unhealthy and harmful to our body. So congratulations that you have stopped smoking like me. And stay healthy.
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    RE: Just stopped Smoking...

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