• 7 months ago

    Day 2 - using Target brand nicotine patches

    Hi All....I'm new to this. I am on day 2 of not smoking after about 30 years. Started Target patches after bad reaction to Nicoderm CQ and had to be on prendnizone for a week.

    I quit to be healthier and due to expense ($10/Pack in MA). I did quit for 7 months back in 2012 but severe weight gain and a bad car accident (broke my back) started me up again.

    I have joined a gym and try to go 3-4 times per week to combat weight gain along with making better health choices. I work full time and went back to college and taking 3 classes this semester (glutton for punishment, I know). Trying to graduate June 2019 and transfer to BA program. I also have a son who started college this year as well as take care of my 74 yo mom. Juggling everything has been a challenge.

    Main prob right now is dealing with focus issues. It's driving me crazy that I can only last a couple of minutes on something and afraid my grades (3.4 GPA so far!)/job performance will be effected. Work peeps know I quit and are very supportive. I haven't come right out and told family I have quit yet but I'm sure they have noticed me not going outside to smoke in last couple of days.

    Redirecting the irritability effects have worked but the lack of focus thing is driving me nuts. Also have felt really nauseous and dizzy today which is aggravating as well. Any help with dealing with that would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the length of post....thank you for reading/responding if you can.

    Take care