• over 1 year ago

    RE: How to Quit Smoking

    I am currently trying to quit and I am using CBD Vaping. I used to smoke a pack a day. On Sunday I bought my vape machine and two disposable 1000mg CBD oil vapes. I went through the first vape stick in 3 and a half days. When I started my vaping I still had half a pack of cigarettes. I did not buy another pack until Tuesday. I made that pack last until Thursday night. Cigarettes do not taste as good as they used to.

    I made conscious choices of not smoking cigarettes at times I would previously smoke at. eg. whilst having coffee or my nightly beer. At these times I would vape cbd oil instead. The CBD vape helps me with the anxiety of wanting a cigarette in between vapes.

    THE CBD Vaping alone will not help me stop But it is helping.
    Breaking old habits and with a cigarette, Beer with a cigarette etc. I Have my motivation to quit and I will use that to help.

    My biggest problem is 'missing the cigarette as a friend and feeling a little bit lost at times.

    I will strive to get through it and Accept my progress and slips like buying a pack this morning and smoking one cigarette which tasted like crap.