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    Reversing The Smoking Habit


    I am a male age 76..... I smoked from age 20 to age 50...quite cold turkey at age 50....No urge to ever smoke again. In very good health....Play tennis most everyday.

    Cigarette smoking creates a very strong invisible craving force in the mind and body.

    Most people will try all sorts of ways to flee from this force.... Why? Because how can they confront such a strong incoming craving force that they cannot even see?

    I thought if I can destroy the closest thing to this incoming force...I might destroy the force connected to it. It really worked!

    In essence I just reversed the smoking habit by actively killing a cigarette with each oncoming craving force attack.

    In essence I was actively converting the craving force that I could feel into an equal force of directed anger, and sent it right back to the source of this force....the cigarette.

    Again, in essence, I did reverse the smoking process...I killed off the cigarette and its companion, the craving force....before it could kill me.

    I have a small website also showing on how I did this...but not sure if I can show it here...If interested in this process....Please contact me.


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    RE: Reversing The Smoking Habit

    Hi there, thank you for your post - everytime I blow cigarette smoke out of my mouth I feel guilty - I feel like im being abused please help me with tips I only have access to this website at work may you please paste your tips for me it would really help - my last cigarette was this morning and I coughed - I have been coughing a lot and its starting to bother me - I started playing with cigarettes at age 14 but started buying packs at 20 I thought it was cool - but I got addicted and there more I read about the disadvantages the more I want to quit - I have asked God to help me and work with me on this one as I cannot do this alone and then I thought let me come into this website and read other people's inspirational stories and I will make it a habit to read them - atleast its a start - I have used Nicorette before and it worked but once I stopped I started smoking again and I agree with another post when they say if trying to quit - quit alcohol too - it often leads to the wrong decision to start smoking again so please help me with tips I would really appreciate the support im going through a hard time right now but I want to stop smoking altogether
      • 8 months ago
        Hi Suzie, I really believe you can quit....You can contact me thru my website...
        Just Google.... The Secret Law of Craving ......There you can also contact me and I will walk you thru the process