• over 3 years ago

    How I quit smoking

    I smoked a pack and a half cigarettes daily. I tried several times to stop unsuccessfully. One day I realised I had to deal with it like an addiction both physical and psychological.
    Physical addiction lasted about one month
    And I knew I could deal with the discomfort.
    Because it was for a limited time only. I was kind to myself specially at this difficult time. Drank lots of tea and even allowed myself to have desserts. The first few weeks were really difficult and eventually the physiological need for a cigarette became less . Emotionally I craved a cigarette whenever I was under stress and I would remind myself that my current problem would pass and if I went back to smoking I would get hooked again. As an addiction. I understood I could not smoke one cigarette without running the risk of not remaining smoke free. I have not smoked for 40 years now.