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    Ladies: Quitting smoking

    Tomorrow (6/24/17) will be 3 weeks of quitting smoking for me. HURRAY!

    It was tough, don't get me wrong. The first day (a Saturday), I thought about having a cigarette every moment all day. The second day was a bit easier; I still thought about smoking but not as often. Everyday has been a mountain. 3 weeks in and I have to say, I wake up now not craving a cigarette. There are moments where I think: Wow, I'd really enjoy a ciggy right now. But it passes, every time.

    I'm using the patch, thanks to my insurance's quit smoking program. I dream vividly each night. At first I was a bit weirded out by it, now it's kind of interesting. Most mornings, I wake up remembering my dream in detail. Last night I dreamt I was a mermaid; yes, a mermaid. I swam around this beautiful cove with a cave and enjoyed watching all of the marine life in full color. I haven't noticed a huge change in appetite; I did buy hard candies, which I have at home and at the office.

    Here are some noticeable changes:

    1) My smell came back within 2 days. 3 weeks in, it's very sensitive. After 2 days of not smoking, I got into my car to head to work. A car less than 2 years old and it smelt like a dumpster filled to the brim of cigarette butts. Yikes. It's since been professionally cleaned and might need another one.

    2) My tastes have changed. This happened around a week in. I loved honey roasted peanut butter - the Peter Pan brand. Loved. Key word there. I am not sure if I even kindof like it now. I enjoy lime flavored sparkling water; the lime is now very strong. I still enjoy it though.

    3) My poor feet and ankles. Since quitting smoking; my feet and ankles have become extremely swollen. I sit a lot at work; come home with very swollen lower extremeties. It seems to be getting better as the days go on however.

    4) Period is back. I'm almost 33 and have been smoking since 20. I have always told my OB-GYN that my periods have been extremely irregular, even as a teenager. I think this was something I had just started believing because now looking back, I don't believe it's entirely true. I now remember that as a teenager having my period every 30-45 days, which is very normal. As an adult smoker, I could go several months without it. 3 weeks in and my period has come to say hello - it's how I remember it as a young teen. Creepy.

    5) I don't cough. I mean, I do cough but not like I did as a smoker. Obviously it'll take time for my lungs to come back to full strength, however I don't seem to be wheezing or coughing as I once was.

    6) Tiredness. The first week of no smoking I was exhausted. I couldn't get enough sleep even after sleeping for 8-9 hours a night. The second week was much better; I was fully rested each morning. The third week was a bit of both week 1 and 2 - one night I'd sleep great, the next not so much.

    7) Is my vision correcting? Not sure if this is true or not. I've noticed that my prescription on my new fab glasses that I got a few months ago might have changed slightly. Not sure if I'm imagining it; therefore I might have to give it a little bit longer.

    8) Exercise urges. Not going to get ahead of my goals on this one. Although I have urges to get out and get crazy in the pool; I'm going to stick to quitting smoking for now. I do not want to fail at my priority: quitting smoking. I'm still using nicotine, therefore I want to kick this first, then move on to my next goal.

    I haven't noticed anything else really. I know it's different for everyone; therefore I'm interested in other ladies, even gent's experiences with quitting the habit.



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    RE: Ladies: Quitting smoking

    Hi there, thank you for your post - everytime I blow cigarette smoke out of my mouth I feel guilty - I feel like im being abused please help me with tips I only have access to this website at work may you please paste your tips for me it would really help - my last cigarette was this morning and I coughed - I have been coughing a lot and its starting to bother me - I started playing with cigarettes at age 14 but started buying packs at 20 I thought it was cool - but I got addicted and there more I read about the disadvantages the more I want to quit - I have asked God to help me and work with me on this one as I cannot do this alone and then I thought let me come into this website and read other people's inspirational stories and I will make it a habit to read them - atleast its a start - I have used Nicorette before and it worked but once I stopped I started smoking again and I agree with another post when they say if trying to quit - quit alcohol too - it often leads to the wrong decision to start smoking again so please help me with tips I would really appreciate the support im going through a hard time right now but I want to stop smoking altogether
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        Hi, How are you doing with stopping smoking? I saw that your post was 2 months old. Smoking alone is difficult , you quit drinking as well? Was drinking a trigger? I too am trying to quit. I have smoked for the better part of 40 plus years. I never smoked much...3 to 5 cigarettes a day, but it is still smoking and it is still difficult. For me it is a STRESS RELIEVER & I also fear gaining weight. Doctors are always willing to give you pills and more pills but this I do not want to do and the patch is nicotine and to me that defeats the purpose. It is just my husband & I and he has never smoked, so it not like there are smokers around me. I can't and don't smoke at work or in my home ever. So it is not like I make it easy for me to smoke. It seems I do good for a fair amount of time and then it just takes one good reason (I tell myself) and I smoke. I guess I need more support too. I use to go to a support group put on by the county I live in in AZ and that really helped meeting once a week. but the county stopped paying for this and the group broke up and I started smoking again. It seems to me that support is most important and this should be given daily.
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    RE: Ladies: Quitting smoking

    I quit 70 days ago with the patch, been off it for 2 weeks. I still get cravings but found if I a grab a dum dum sucker (because they're round you can play with them in your mouth to distract you) it helps. My problem is the weight gain, I haven't changed my eating habits at all other than 1 sucker a day and gained 11 pounds. If one more person tells me I'm healthier I could scream. Any ideas on the weight gain? I'm already exercising HELP!!