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    is required to perform the operation. The complexity of operation can v from patient to patient, depending upon their obesity levels. If you want to undergo surgical program, it is very important that you choose the right practitioner for the job. Experience is very important. You have to work only with the doctor that has many years of experience behind him. Surgical are delicate procedures. If the doctor you chose is not adept with the techniques, you might suffer some complications. But experience....
  • 15 days ago

    Quit for 11 years!

    Hello everyone! I have been quit for 11+ years and I have never felt more amazing. I just wanted to get on here to let all of you know that there is a light at the end. YOU will get there! I used Wellbutrin and a message board similar to this. Keep up the good work, if you fail just get back on track. You are doing this for YOUR health. I was once where you were. I had to stop visiting people who smoked, being anywhere near any place that allowed smoking. I did this for 3 months!!! You can do it....
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    I have been smoking for 46 years I started chantix in Jan most days I go without any cigarettes but 3 out of 7 I have to have 1 cigarette. Any words of wisdom on how to get past that 1 cigarette?
  • 19 days ago

    the only one who smokes

    I don't have any friends and only one family member who smokes. I live alone and only have myself to answer to. I use tobacco as a crutch... gives me something to do when I am home alone. It is "my friend". of course, it is an addiction. I don't smoke around anyone and all the public places are non smoking. I have to get my head into the game of not smoking but it is difficult to do when I have only myself to talk me out of it.
  • 25 days ago

    Soon I want to go to the casino

    Folks, soon I would like to go with my friends to our local casino, but I know that a lot of people are smoking there , and this annoys me, because usually I have a sore throat at the next day... Sorry, but I would like to ask you what to do as I don't want to refuse my friends...
  • 26 days ago

    I've tried sooooo many times

    I'm 59 and I've been smoking since I was 13. I know I have to stop because I have a hard time breathing sometimes and I know I would feel better. The previous times I lasted about 1 1/2 weeks and the urge comes over me like a storm and I end up smoking again. I'm going to keep trying but I do wish they had more resources then they do. Nicotine, we're told, is the most addictive chemical there is but yet any drug dependencies (ex: heroin addiction ) seem to get more help then we do....
  • 1 month ago

    Daily weed smoker, cough with no other symptoms for 3 months... What is it?

    For about 3 years I’ve been smoking weed about once or twice a day from a joint or bong. I never smoke tobacco/blunts, or nicotine vapes. I’m 17 years old, pretty active, and generally healthy. 3 months ago, I got a normal cold, followed by a dry cough. After a couple weeks I began to cough exessive amounts of clear phlegm. Once or twice, there was a little blood in the phlegm. Sometimes, I can’t breath when I cough. I went to the doctor, they said my lungs were clear and prescribed me with an inhaler....
  • 1 month ago

    Have to stop for surgery

    I have been smoking for years have major back issues that I need lumbar fusion, I smoke a half a pack a day , everything was set up for the surgery with work care at home afterwards my grandson being taken care of since I have custody of him, the week before I was told insurance denied nicotine free for 6 weeks, I now have to take a urine test in a few weeks they placed me on chantex , I pray this works I want to get back t my life of working out being active and not depressed behind all of this....
  • 2 months ago

    stick with it

    I have been a smoker for 40 some years and have to quit, but I find it very difficult, looking for support and suggestions to help me get through the process in the beginning, the hardest time for me is first thing in the morning, as I smoke in the first 10 minutes after I wake up.
  • 2 months ago

    Vaping worked for me

    After several attempts at quitting cold turkey and using the nicotine gum, I did manage to quit for a period of time but the cravings and urge to smoke never went away and I eventually fell back into smoking socially. Through friends I discovered vaping and I have no urge to smoke at all and can for the first time say confidently that I will never smoke again. Vaping has some risks but it causes far less harm than smoking. The great thing is that with vaping I don't have strong urges to vape....