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  • 1 day ago

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  • 6 days ago

    Zit Like Bumps on Legs

    So I have had these bumps on my legs for a couple weeks now. They itch. First I only had 3 right in a row on my upper thigh and urgent care said they didn't look too concerning. Those went away, but then I got more of them. Mostly all over my legs, occasionally a couple on my arms. They are red or skin toned, about the size and consistency of a zit, and they itch. Sometimes I notice I'm fine or that there are less bumps, sometimes they itch bad (maybe gets worse at night?) Some of my thoughts....

  • 10 days ago

    Strange Red "Spot"

    I just noticed a strange red mark on my right, pinky-finger. I never really noticed it before and it doesn't hurt or anything. It's slightly tender, puffy, and has slight "depth" to it; meaning it's "raised up" like a bump but not that extreme. I also see no bite marks or puncture wounds. It's MINUTELY itchy and only when I think about it, also it's "shedding" ever so slightly. Ive never experienced anything like this, especially on my fingers. The....

  • 23 days ago

    Small red bumps with rash

    Had about a two inch are on right upper ribs with a red rash and about 5 red bumps on it. Wasn’t itchy or painful. Had some tingling about two days into it and done itching around it. Started to go away after about 2 days of noticing it. Been just over a week and I can still see the bumps but they’re flat and a little red. But no other symptoms anymore.

  • Red pimple like bumps on face

    My brother, sister and I all have these small red pimple like bumps covering our faces. The only thing I could think of to what caused it is October 31st we used an old bar soap that had been sitting in the cupboard on a plate. I rinsed it off before we used it, but the next day we were all getting these bumps. Could the soap had been what caused it? How do we get rid of it?

  • 1 month ago

    What is this?

    I have what looks like a chemical burn on my back that busted last night when I got into bed.. it’s right where my bra strap is so idk if that could be the cause but the straps are not too tight. I have not been around any chemicals or tanning to cause any type of burn on my skin.

  • 1 month ago

    the top of my foot has really small blisters , and now scabs!! they itch n burn

    so for about 2 weeks now I've been having issues with the top of my foot and toes!! itching n burning like crazy!!! im a dishwasher so my feet sometimes get wet and stay wet all day!! ive scratched them until they have bleed!!! i dont know help

  • 2 months ago

    I need help you guys Nd girls

    So for a min now I been itchy on my legs arms and hand and when I stretch where it itch little bumps pop up on me then if I pop them stuff come out looks like water though. I need help can’t stop the itch
  • 3 months ago

    Strange white 'eggs' on scalp? Bleh!

    Trust me, just typing the word 'egg' made me cringe. I'm your average, typical 34-year old guy in good health, not wanting to be describe something on my head as an 'egg'. Combing my hair two weeks ago I felt a bump on my scalp, so I took a picture of it (first image). Looks like an open wound of sorts. No itching, no discomfort, no pain. Two weeks later (today), I just took another picture and my reaction was, "WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE????" Sorry if the pics are gross....

  • 3 months ago

    Is this shingles?

    I have recently broken out in a rash I've had it for about a week it's not very painful but it's very itchy. I have had chicken pox as a baby. My father also got shingles at this exact same age too. The main patch seems to be drying up and healing but also spreading a bit. Also in addition to this red raised rash (which seems to be heal/drying up but is also spreading ) I broke out on both my legs in these weird purple dots. Do you have any idea what either of these could be? Thanks,....