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  • 1 month ago

    My legs not get smooth after shave

    I bought a very good pair of razor from Costco shaving cream and everything my legs are not smooth enough after even shave it's little little very little hair is still there
  • 3 months ago

    Ichy body

    Pls help, what do I do, my scalp and body iches swollen and go off after few minutes.
  • 4 months ago

    Doctor questions

    Seriously people? Some of the questions you have on this, direct them to the doctor. The community, most part are not a doctor, can only give suggestions. But smart people would ask a doctor. Not some random person on a community blog. I want to believe everybody is smart, but some of these questions are definitely not.
  • 6 months ago

    Hickey turned into an itchy rash?

    So I got hickeys I want to say two weeks ago. I had hickeys all on my chest, and looked like a necklace kind of. They actually started to kind of fade away after a week. But then the hickeys on the right side of my chest turned into a REALLY itchy rash, that started off red and as the days go it gets itchier, blacker, and all the other hickeys are starting to turn into rashes, even the hickeys that completely faded away turned into a rash afterwards. And not only that, the back of my neck is developing....
  • 7 months ago

    Is this ezcema or psoriasis?

    I've had these tiny red scabs for years.they are extremely painful and itcy They show up when I'm stressed and then go away. They are right now extremely bad. Do u think is psoriasis or ezcema? That's a picture of what they look like
  • 7 months ago

    Back and chest acne

    I am 23 and have never suffered from bad acne ever before. The past 2 months I have become inflamed with small red bumps covering my back, chest and most recently my face. It seems to be getting progressively worse and I have not introduced anything new to my daily routine. What else could be the cause of this major breakout/ could it be something other than acne?
  • 7 months ago

    Dandruff and body acne? Change your sheets!

    Change your bedsheets and pillowcases. No kidding! Dandruff and body acne. The culprit: new sheets bought at Walmart, the brand Better Homes and Gardens, made in India, 100% cotton. They are cotton but have a shiny finish. Several months after purchase, my husband and I were desperate with full-on dandruff and my husband's shoulders, arms and back were broken out in severe acne. I changed our soap, shampoo, deodorant, detergent. It was so bad. I finally thought of the sheets. I dug out the old....
  • 7 months ago

    Red sore on back of leg

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone could help me out on this. Directly behind my knee I developed a lot of dry skin and then it started to get moist and leak out sometimes clear sometimes yellow liquid. Now it is pretty slimly and very red. It also hurts to stretch out. I’m wondering if anyone can give me some insight on what this might be. Thanks.
  • 9 months ago

    2 yr rash on side of knee

    I have had a rash on the side of my knee for about 2 yrs now. Till recently it hasn't got bigger, before it was only about the size of my palm not it has went half way up my thigh. When I get nervous or stressed it burns and itches like crazy to the point where I itch it till I bleed.
  • 9 months ago

    Flaking patches on scalp, doesn't match anything I've seen?

    Hey all, I don't know exactly how long I've had it but for most of my 15 year life I've had what I assumed to be dandruff, but it doesn't seem to match that or any pictures of Psoriasis I've seen. It appears as large skin colored flakes that stick to my scalp and only show up in the same few spots over and over again. They usually don't itch and there's no redness or scaliness, it also seems to show up worse right after a shower, whether I use shampoo or just water. It....