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  • What Are These Itchy Red Bumps?

    Hi! I need help! Over the last 3 or 4 days I've started getting these very itchy red bumps on my skin. There's no pus or discharge. They look a little like mosquito bites except it's below zero here. I live in Minnesota. The first bumps showed up on the back of my hand. Then the next morning there were several on my arm and one on the back of my neck. Today I found two more on the wrist of the other arm and one under my chin. I've checked for bugs in my bed and my clothes despite....
  • 2 days ago

    psoriasis and sodium valproate

    Hi my name is esmaeil. I am 28 years old, I am a man. I am married. I have not had a history of skin disease. I have psychological problems. I came to the doctor four months ago. Valproate Sodium 200 mg and Parfenazine 8 mg / day. After one month, one of my fingernails fell from below. At the same time, the elbow of my left hand began to itch. After 60 days, I stopped taking sodium valproate. I found nails and elbows getting better. After ten days, I started to eat sodium valproate again. For 24....

  • 3 days ago

    Face attacked by parasites..HELP

    I am face is breaking out constantly and when I squeezed pus comes out....BUT....I'm also left with a small hole after the that....please send info....I. can also send photos if needed...I residese in saint Louis...Missouri...PS...I have no current insurance...
  • 14 days ago

    What is this disgusting thing on my face?

    About a year ago, I noticed a small dry spot on my skin that peeled right above my left eye brow. Today it is red and the size of a quarter dollar. Every few days it drys out and cracks and becomes scaly and starts shedding and peeling off like snake skin, then leaves behind another spot and the process repeats itself.

  • 15 days ago

    What are these patches on bottom of feet?

    Not itchy. Feet sweating a lot. Cannot see patches when sweaty. Wont go away, only getting more. They aren't raised above skin.

  • Bumps on upper ear?

    I'm wondering if anyone can help identify this rash I have on my ear. I only noticed it 4 days ago when it had a red scab. Skin felt very irritated and sensitive. Cleaned it and put Neosporin on it. My hair covers it unless I lift it up so I don't actually know how long its been there. This is what it looks like today. Is this shingles?

  • 26 days ago

    Skin Issues

    I have been dealing with breakouts on my legs four over three years. I have had the superficial blood veins removed from my legs and still no change. I have attached a picture of the side of my leg, someone please help. It is very painful and itches a lot.

  • 1 month ago

    No idea

    So, I used to get a very minor case of this, but as time went on as a teenager, I thought it was hormonal, and it eventually cleared up.however, I'm done growing now, and this reappeared, I really don't think it's acne because i have never had actual cystic acne in the past, however these don't feel quite like normal pimples. And there's serveral spreading across my forehead. If you have any idea what it is, or ideas on how to treat I, I'm all ears. Thank you
  • Rash on Chest

    I have had this Brownish rash on my chest for a couple of months now. Every now and then it will itch, but most of the time it doesn’t at all. Every time I touch it though it has like a numbing type feeling in the area where the rash is.

  • 1 month ago

    Red and white bloches all over

    About six months ago I notice red bloches on my chest and back. It was around the summer months so everyone insisted I has heat rash. Well months later I still have it. It seems to almost flare up for lack of better words. It isn't always as bad then occasionallt I notice it in places where I haven't seen it before. It itches every great on in awhile. What could this be?