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  • 6 months ago

    Falling hair

    I need to help with product for my hair hair is falling everywhere I'm getting big bunch of hair from my head please help me I'm not all sickness no allergies nothing I'm fine I just need some products are really good for my hair which help me them to strong.......
  • 7 months ago

    Is this ezcema or psoriasis?

    I've had these tiny red scabs for years.they are extremely painful and itcy They show up when I'm stressed and then go away. They are right now extremely bad. Do u think is psoriasis or ezcema? That's a picture of what they look like
  • 7 months ago

    Back and chest acne

    I am 23 and have never suffered from bad acne ever before. The past 2 months I have become inflamed with small red bumps covering my back, chest and most recently my face. It seems to be getting progressively worse and I have not introduced anything new to my daily routine. What else could be the cause of this major breakout/ could it be something other than acne?
  • 7 months ago

    Dandruff and body acne? Change your sheets!

    Change your bedsheets and pillowcases. No kidding! Dandruff and body acne. The culprit: new sheets bought at Walmart, the brand Better Homes and Gardens, made in India, 100% cotton. They are cotton but have a shiny finish. Several months after purchase, my husband and I were desperate with full-on dandruff and my husband's shoulders, arms and back were broken out in severe acne. I changed our soap, shampoo, deodorant, detergent. It was so bad. I finally thought of the sheets. I dug out the old....
  • 8 months ago

    Healthy 19 year old female hair thinning.

    19 yr old female experiencing hair thinning. 7 months ago I felt my first heartbreak, which left me emotionally crushed for months. I immediately changed my lifestyle and have lost 35lbs. since. 4 months ago I noticed thinning in the front of my hair. Two weeks ago I saw the top of my head for the first time in a while and I was horrified. My scalp is visible almost everywhere. I haven’t noticed any extra hair fallout. I took a blood test but results aren’t in for a week so I’m just looking for peace....
  • 10 months ago

    Red Circles on Lower Legs

    I started developing these red circles on my calves (I inserted a photo) as you will see they are pretty much perfect circles, some as big as a quarter and some as small as a freckle. They don't itch, they don't hurt & some are hardly even raised. If I was blind I'd probably never know they were there. I'm can't find any information online and I'm concerned it may have something to do with my vascular system, like maybe it's blood pooling up under my skin? I'm....
  • 10 months ago

    Coastal Cholla cactus glochids skin injury going on 3 years...

    July 16, 2015 I put all of my body weight onto an 8" Coastal Cholla cactus plant with my right palm. After removing the visible spines, I then proceeded to wash my hands like a surgeon, grinding the invisible golchids into both hands, front and back, as well as my forearms. I also touched my legs and both are still not well. This process of the dermatitis started about 6 months after touching the plant. I have been to several Dermatologists, only to be misdiagnosed and deemed possible picker....
  • 11 months ago

    What’s this dark black mole/cyst on my scalp??!!?

    I’m obviously hoping this isn’t a cancerous growth, but does anyone have any confident, non assuming knowledge about this? It’s kind of thick and stiff to the touch feeling almost like a thin plastic outer layer. It doesn’t hurt really unless I put my nail around the base and push a bit. It seems to actually have started growing under a layer of skin cause in the pics it seems to be breaking the skin on the bottom. Thanks in advance !
  • 11 months ago

    Itchy scalp but it's not dandruff

    I've had an irritated scalp for now 2 months. I've tried everything I could to get rid of it and it's not going away... each time I scratch my head in a different spot it irritates it more.. and it's growing from the bottom of my scalp to my neck and throat. I don't know what it is... the effected area started from the bottom left of my scalp. I'm starting to get bumps on my neck but not on my scalp.
  • 11 months ago

    Acne pimples and scales

    Hi there I'm 24 and have 3 issues with my skin 1. There are bumps on cheeks and pimples filled with white puss. Tried to use skin a cream and evion 600mg tabs but no result. 2. When i grow beard there grows scales beneath the moustache and on chin. If i remove scale there is red spot beneath it. As lomg as it's shaved. No scales grows. When i grow beard these scales reappears. Used cleana-gel but it's not a permanent solution.. 3. Alot of dandruff in hairs. Even taking bath and using....