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  • 1 day ago

    Grovers disease, an autoimmune disease

    In the past several months I had severe itching to the point I was bleeding I scratched so hard. The pain and itch was unbearable. I went to dermatologists and they took biopsies of the rash and diagnosed me with Grovers disease. The only remedy is to use Triamasolone ointment. I have to take 180 mg allergy 2 x's dailey in order to get ease. Does anyone out there have this or been treated for such a dreadful skin problem? It is not curable, however it may go away or may not. The skin is spotty....
  • sensitive skin and xrays cat scan to the face

    hello i have a question of someone has rosceaa or have butterfly rash taht flush and burn and senstive to sun and recative will dental xrays to the face or cat scan of the sinus on the area make the skin or the blood vessle worse or thin the skin or something answer me pls thank you
  • 7 days ago

    Pimple type thing won't go away

    Hello Not sure if posting in correct section... The other day I notice what was a couple of small bumps in my pubic hair... I went to the Dr and he told me they were not warts but skin pulps or something I can't remember the term and he used dry ice to burn them but that was over a week ago and they still there I been putting betadine on it but still they are there... Any suggestions what I can use to get rid of them?

  • 8 days ago

    Any chance this is Staph?

    I have two 'break outs' on my skin i'm worried about. A friend just had a staph infection and I want to make sure it's not that. I have a doctor's appointment, but am hoping to get some help in the meantime. Anything you could tell me would be great. It's was a little scabbed over, but I picked the scab.

  • Dry reddish brown rash with scaly, flaky skin

    Hi, I'm posting in the hopes that someone is familiar with what I'm experiencing, someone who has the same issue or perhaps knows what it could be. I've always had very dry skin. Many years back, when I was maybe 14/15 or so, I got this brownish patchy skin between my breasts that was very dry, thick, and flaky. It would go away and come back without me doing anything other than applying thick moisturizer. Eventually it came and never left, maybe around age 18/19. I am 22 now and is still....

  • 30 days ago

    Unknown skin condition

    I've been experiencing these bubbles coming up in the crooks of my elbows for going on 2 years now. They come and go, seemingly without cause that I can discern, but this is the worst it's ever been. I've tried changing all soaps to allergenic, I tried topical steroids, all-natural treatments, I'm at a loss. It doesn't itch or hurt. It's just an eye sore and it's driving me insane not knowing what is causing it.

  • 1 month ago

    Rash on forearm

    I seem to have some sort of rash on my forearm. I noticed it about a week ago. It is itchy but not all the time. I have used Gold Bond anti itch cream but it doesnt seem to be going away or getting any worse. I cant seem to get a pic loaded on here.
  • 1 month ago

    Skin problems spreading on hands

    Ok I posted a thread earlier about this, got no help so I took some better pictures and it seems to have gotten worse even though it hasn't been that long. I am going to the derm but I wanted to know what you thought it was. This is when I got out of the shower since it isn't that visible when the skin is dry. He said it was psoriasis and I put cream on it and it looked "better" but not 100% but much more attractive looking. Now all of a sudden it starts....
  • 1 month ago

    Bumps on 8 year olds forehead ?

    Hi all!!! Towards the top of my 8 year old sons forehead, under his hair line, by his temples, and in his eyebrows he has been getting several pimple likebumps some have white heads some don't and they don't pop. He's had them before and they randomly went away and now have returned. I honestly do not think they are acne because they stick around a lot longer and just seem different. Does anyone have any idea what these are??? I feel so bad because he keeps saying he has acne and he's....

  • 1 month ago

    Skin issue

    Hello, I am new here but needed some advice. I went to a dermatologist last year regarding an issue with my (btw it has now spread to be knees) my dermatologist last year said that the issue on my knee was eczema I could've sworn it was psoriasis but according to him it was just eczema now the thing on my knee has worse in the lot and now it just feels and smells like dead tissue I try to put some Aquaphor on it and the Apple for seem to make it worse I tried to clean it with antibacterial soap....