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  • 1 day ago

    possible blackheads or whatever?

    are these developing blackheads? whats going on here? (on my nose)

  • 3 days ago


    I have had a small bump for a couple of weeks now on the top of my buttcheek, it painless and i don’t have any symptoms but im starting to get worried because that area is proned to pimples so i thought its just another pimple but its been like a bump for quite some time..i’ve been reading stuff online so im kinda freaked out that it could be something serious. I would really appreciate if someone has some kind of solution for getting rid of it. Thanks!
  • 3 days ago

    Zit Like Bumps on Legs

    So I have had these bumps on my legs for a couple weeks now. They itch. First I only had 3 right in a row on my upper thigh and urgent care said they didn't look too concerning. Those went away, but then I got more of them. Mostly all over my legs, occasionally a couple on my arms. They are red or skin toned, about the size and consistency of a zit, and they itch. Sometimes I notice I'm fine or that there are less bumps, sometimes they itch bad (maybe gets worse at night?) Some of my thoughts....

  • 7 days ago

    Strange Red "Spot"

    I just noticed a strange red mark on my right, pinky-finger. I never really noticed it before and it doesn't hurt or anything. It's slightly tender, puffy, and has slight "depth" to it; meaning it's "raised up" like a bump but not that extreme. I also see no bite marks or puncture wounds. It's MINUTELY itchy and only when I think about it, also it's "shedding" ever so slightly. Ive never experienced anything like this, especially on my fingers. The....

  • 12 days ago

    HELP !! Weird thing on bikini line ?!

    So I tend to shave my area and bikini line a lot. Recently, some red bump appeared I thought maybe it was another stubborn INGROWN HAIR. However, as I kept squeezing in hopes of seeing a hair come out all I did was open it ??! If that makes sense to any of you... When I tried popping it I made sure to clean the area and my hands. Nothing comes out only blood. I don’t know what to do?!
  • 13 days ago

    Is this dangerous?

    I have had this sort of zit for over a month, whenever i try to pop it, it just bleeds, it has a little hole in the middle. Ive tried putting alcohol to dry it out but it just wont come off. Help please?

  • 19 days ago

    Thing on arm for 12 years

    I have had this on my arm since I was in first grade I am now 18 years old and it's still here and probably not going anywhere. Never brought it up to doctors but I broke my arm in first grade and when I took my cast off it was there and I remember being able to squeeze puss out and there being a tiny little hole 12 years later it's still on my arm and when I touch it it feels like a little ball of hard puss or something under my skin anyone know what it could be? I want to say it's a....
  • 29 days ago

    Skin & Beauty

    This is what I have surmised about skin health & beauty: drink plenty of fluids. Fluids will flush out your pores and keep your whole body healthy. Get up & get moving. Both fluids and exercise not only keep you regular (not constipated), but will also give you good circulation, which spells healthy complexion and glow, too. Eat a balanced diet. Plenty of protein, veggies, grain, dairy (depending upon vegan diet or lack thereof), and less sugar and fats. If you smoke, diet, exercise, a little....
  • Red pimple like bumps on face

    My brother, sister and I all have these small red pimple like bumps covering our faces. The only thing I could think of to what caused it is October 31st we used an old bar soap that had been sitting in the cupboard on a plate. I rinsed it off before we used it, but the next day we were all getting these bumps. Could the soap had been what caused it? How do we get rid of it?

  • 1 month ago

    the bleeding won't stop!

    I've had what looks like a little zit forming on the bridge of my nose for about 5 years now. However when I squeeze it or scratch the "head" off, it start to steadily bleed and won't stop, even after many minutes of direct pressure, just a tiny hole on my nose with blood profusely running out of it. This happened again to me yesterday, however, this time the blood was actually spraying out of the hole on the bridge of my nose, so much so that it actually hit the adjacent wall.....